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1- 5 Cloud Security Challenges and Risks to Be Aware of

Cloud storage solutions and cloud business solutions are becoming the norm for all kinds of business needs. The cloud is becoming the solution for all of your business needs, both big and small. This is no longer an expensive solution that is hard to take advantage of. If you have been thinking of m… Read more

2- Apple Adds a Backdoor to iMessage and iCloud Storage

Apple’s announcement that it’s going to start scanning photos for child abuse material is a big deal. (Here are five news stories.) I have been following the details, and discussing it in several different email lists. I don’t have time right now to delve into the details, but wanted to post somethi… Read more

3- Black Hat: Novel DNS Hack Spills Confidential Corp Data

LAS VEGAS – Amazon and Google patched a domain name service (DNS) bug that allowed attackers to snoop on the confidential networking settings of companies – revealing computer and employee names along with office locations and exposed web resources. The vulnerability, outlined in a Black Hat USA 202… Read more

4- Hacker grabs $600m in cryptocash from blockchain company Poly Networks

Remember Mt. Gox? Sure you do! Although it’s usually said aloud as “Mount Gox”, as if it were a topographic feature, it actually started life as MTGOX, short for Magic: The Gathering Online Exchange, where MTG fans could trade cards via the internet. The web domain was eventually repurposed for what… Read more

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