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1- APT-C-36 Hacking Group Uses Wide Range of Trojans (RATs) To Target Organizations

A hacking group from Columbia which is dubbed as “APT-C-36” is running a phishing campaign that represents emails and attempts to accumulate victims in South America. In this campaign, the threat actors have used a wide range of malware and geolocation filters to affect computers and to avoid diffe… Read more

2- VMware patch bulletin warns: “This needs your immediate attention.”

VMware’s latest security update includes patches for 19 different CVE-numbered vulnerabilities affecting the company’s vCenter Server and Cloud Foundation products. All of the bugs can be considered serious – they wouldn’t be enumerated in an official security advisory if they weren’t – but VMware h… Read more

3- New Python Based Malware Attack Windows Subsystem for Linux To Evade Detection

The Lumen Black Lotus Labs has identified Linux binaries or Python Based Malware built for the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) to evade detection. The threat actors are seeking new techniques to stealthily compromise Windows computers. The targets of unknown attackers were found in Ecuador and Fra… Read more

4- iOS 15 launches with 22 documented security patches – including a Face ID bypass using a “3D model”

Apple’s iOS 15 is now out – the very latest software version for iPhones, just in time for the official launch of the new iPhone 13 later in the week. (Yes, you can buy an iPhone 13 today, but only by placing what modern sales and marketing jargon refers to as a pre-order, which is known simply as a… Read more

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