#WeeklyCybersecurityTip: Know your threats and perform some threat modeling exercises!

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1- Facebook Is Down

Facebook — along with Instagram and WhatsApp — went down globally today. Basically, someone deleted their BGP records, which made their DNS fall apart. …at approximately 11:39 a.m. ET today (15:39 UTC), someone at Facebook caused an update to be made to the company’s Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) re… Read more

2- Cryptojacking Attacks Are on the Rise: How Can You Stay Safe?

Living in a digital age where many transactions occur online can be both a blessing and curse. Unfortunately, the increased popularity of cryptocurrency comes with the risk of cryptojacking. Most hackers who perform cryptojacking aim to steal cryptocurrency – encrypted digital currencies made by com… Read more

3- Apache web server zero-day bug is easy to exploit – patch now!

The venerable Apache web server has just been updated to fix a dangerous remote code execution (RCE) bug. This bug is already both widely-known and trivial to exploit, with examples now circulating freely on Twitter, and a single, innocent-looking web request aimed at your server could be enough for… Read more

4- Apache Web Server Zero-Day Exposes Sensitive Data

Apache Software has quickly issued a fix for a zero-day security bug in the Apache HTTP Server, which was first reported to the project last week. The vulnerability is under active exploitation in the wild, it said, and could allow attackers to access sensitive information. According to a security a… Read more

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