#WeeklyCybersecurityTip: Leverage Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) where possible.

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1- Most Inspiring Women in Cyber Awards

The nominations for the IT Security Guru’s Most Inspiring Women in Cyber awards are finally out! We were absolutely blown away by the number of quality candidates that have come through, all of whom have made phenomenal contributions to the cybersecurity industry. As a reminder, the public was invit… Read more

2- Magecart Credit Card Skimmer Avoids VMs to Fly Under the Radar

A new Magecart threat actor is stealing people’s payment card info from their browsers using a digital skimmer that uses a unique form of evasion to bypass virtual machines (VM) so it targets only actual victims and not security researchers. The Malwarebytes team discovered the new campaign, which a… Read more

3- Predicting the Next OWASP API Security Top 10

As a long-time OWASP member and application security practitioner, I wanted to share my thoughts on how the newly released OWASP Web App Top 10 might impact or influence the updates to the API Security Top 10, last released back in December 2019. These lists cover the most common causes for security… Read more

4- ‘Tortilla’ Wraps Exchange Servers in ProxyShell Attacks

A new-ish threat actor sometimes known as “Tortilla” is launching a fresh round of ProxyShell attacks on Microsoft Exchange servers, this time with the aim of inflicting vulnerable servers with variants of the Babuk ransomware. Cisco Talos researchers said in a Wednesday report that they spotted the… Read more

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