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1- 5 Cybersecurity Trends to Watch in 2022

No one could have predicted the sheer chaos the cybersecurity industry would experience over the course of 2021. Record-annihilating numbers of ransomware attacks, SolarWinds’ supply-chain havoc and most recently, the discovery of Log4j by…Minecraft gamers. All of it would have sounded too wild for … Read more

2- That Toy You Got for Christmas Could Be Spying on You

Many adults found it charming when Mattel upgraded its classic Fisher-Price Chatter telephone for its 60th anniversary in October with actual Bluetooth capabilities, so grownups, too, can use it — and for actual mobile phone calls. But flaws in the way the toy pairs with Bluetooth means that other p… Read more

3- Global Cyberattacks from Nation-State Actors Posing Greater Threats

The macro-trend I’m most alarmed by today is the fact that attackers don’t seem to care about getting caught anymore. We have seen an increase in temerity of attacks by nation-states, such as the Russian attack on SolarWinds, and seen their attack tactics shift from targeted, stealthy operations int… Read more

4- Threat Advisory: E-commerce Bots Use Domain Registration Services for Mass Account Fraud

While researching a recent large-scale bot campaign with CQ Prime Threat Research team lead, Dean Lendrum, we found attackers using domain parking and monetization services to register multiple domains, creating a large number of fake eCommerce accounts per domain. TL; DR Analysis of shopping-bot c… Read more

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