WeeklyCybersecurityTip: Destroy hard copy confidential documents with personal information.

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1- Hackers will return focus to consumers in 2022

Research by ReasonLabs suggests that hackers will return their focus to consumers in 2022.
The detailed report claims that a number of factors have led to consumers being a more lucrative target for hackers when compared to large companies.
One of these factors is the continued shift to remote worki…

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1- Stolen Bitcoins Returned

The US has returned $154 million in bitcoins stolen by a Sony employee. However, on December 1, following an investigation in collaboration with Japanese law enforcement authorities, the FBI seized the 3879.16242937 BTC in Ishii’s wallet after obtaining the private key, which made it possible to tra… Read more

2- How to Protect Your Company from Cyber Attacks and Cyber Fraud

Being a business owner is not easy. You need to do many different things, ranging from expanding your business and building business relationships to ensuring that your business is safe from cyber attacks and cyber fraud. When it comes to cyber security, it goes way beyond installing an antivirus on… Read more

3- Google Voice Authentication Scam Leaves Victims on the Hook

Fluffy is missing. You post your lost pet’s photo online, hoping that some good Samaritan will find Fluffy, listing your phone number and crossing your fingers. You get a text or email from somebody who thinks they’ve found Fluffy – or, say, somebody who wants to buy that scruffy old couch you poste… Read more

4- S3 Ep64: Log4Shell again, scammers keeping busy, and Apple Home bug [Podcast + Transcript]

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