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1- Hackers will return focus to consumers in 2022

Research by ReasonLabs suggests that hackers will return their focus to consumers in 2022.
The detailed report claims that a number of factors have led to consumers being a more lucrative target for hackers when compared to large companies.
One of these factors is the continued shift to remote worki…

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1- European Union Takes Down That Used by Hackers for Anonymity

Federal agents took footprints of major cyber-crimes which led to as the service provider with which many cyber-crimes were taking place. Investigating further, they were also responsible for setting up the communication and infrastructure for ransomware campaigns and for malware distribu… Read more

2- Interpol has Arrested 11 Individuals Suspected of Conducting spear-phishing Attack

As part of the National Police Operation, Interpol and Nigerian Police Force (NPF) has arrested 11 members of a notorious cybercrime network. Many of the suspects are connected to the “SilverTerrier” who are well-known for their Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams that harmed thousands of Enterpri… Read more

3- Critical Cisco StarOS Bug Grants Root Access via Debug Mode

Cisco released a security update warning about a handful of vulnerabilities lurking in its networking technology, led by a critical bug in the company’s StarOS debug services. Cisco pushed out a fix for its Cisco StarOS Software on Wednesday. Jan. 19. In its advisory, the company said that the flaw … Read more

4- MY TAKE: What if Big Data and AI could be intensively focused on health and wellbeing?

Might it be possible to direct cool digital services at holistically improving the wellbeing of each citizen of planet Earth? Related: Pursuing a biological digital twin A movement aspiring to do just that is underway — and it’s not being led by a covey of tech-savvy Tibetan monks. This push is comi… Read more

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