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1- Evilnum APT Hackers Group Attack Windows Using Weaponized Word Documents

Researchers from ThreatLabz uncovered Evilnum, an APT threat actor, is once again up to its old tricks targeting European financial and investment institutions, with some signs of renewed activity. Using Evilnum, data can be stolen or additional payloads can be loaded into the system. In addition to…

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2- S3 Ep91: CodeRed, OpenSSL, Java bugs, Office macros [Audio + Text]

LISTEN NOW Click-and-drag on the soundwaves below to skip to any point. You can also listen directly on Soundcloud. With Doug Aamoth and Paul Ducklin. Intro and outro music by Edith Mudge. You can listen to us on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and anywhere that goo…

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3- Salt Security Platform Enhancements Make it Easier to Operationalise API Security

Salt Security, the leading API security company, has announced new enhancements to its next-generation Salt Security API Protection Platform, extending abilities in threat detection and pre-production API testing. The latest features include deeper and earlier insights into attacker behaviours and a…

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4- Russian APT29 Hackers Use DropBox and Google Drive for Hacking operations

There is no doubt that online storage services are becoming increasingly essential to the management of day-to-day operations for organizations around the world. Among these services, the most used and popular ones are:- DropBoxGoogle Drive Although some services are trusted by the general public mo…

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