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#WeeklyCybersecurityTip: Employ defensive technologies against malware.

Aug 29, 2022 7:22 am

1- Q&A: Here’s how the ‘Matter’ protocol will soon reduce vulnerabilities in smart home devices

After years of competitive jockeying, the leading tech giants have agreed to embrace a brand new open-source standard – called Matter – that will allow consumers to mix and match smart home devices and platforms. Related: The crucial role of ‘Digital Trust’ After numerous delays and course changes, …

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2- GUEST ESSAY: The key to a successful cloud migration – embrace a security-first strategy

Migrating to and utilizing cloud environments – public, hybrid, or multi – is a source of real investment and positive change for businesses. Cloud is the powerhouse that drives digital organizations. Related: Cloud security frameworks take hold Gartner predicts that spending on public cloud alone i…

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3- Transatlantic Cyber Security Business Network (TCBN) partners with International Cyber Expo 2022

Earlier this week it was announced that the Transatlantic Cyber Security Business Network (TCBN) have partnered with the International Cyber Expo 2022. The event, which runs from 27th-28th September at Olympia London, Kensington, will host 5000 delegates and over 100 leading cyber vendors. As part o…

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4- Zoom for Mac patches critical bug – update now!

At the well-known DEF CON security shindig in Las Vegas, Nevada, last week, Mac cybersecurity researcher Patrick Wardle revealed a “get-root” elevation of privilege (EoP) bug in Zoom for Mac: Mahalo to everybody who came to my @defcon talk “You’re M̶u̶t̶e̶d̶ Rooted” 🙏🏽 Was stoked to talk about (& l…

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