#WeeklyCybersecurityTip: Make sure users are trained to recognize phishing attacks!

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1- IT and Employees Don’t Always See Eye to Eye on Cybersecurity

Although organisations appear to be highly concerned with cybersecurity, they often don’t follow the practices put into place to prevent a data leak. One of the reasons is that IT leaders and employees have completely different views on security measures, and another being the lack of emphasis on se…

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2- Google Patches Chrome’s Fifth Zero-Day of the Year

Google has patched the fifth actively exploited zero-day vulnerability discovered in Chrome this year as one in a series of fixes included in a stable channel update released Wednesday. The bug, tracked as CVE-2022-2856 and rated as high on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), is associat…

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3- DEADBOLT ransomware rears its head again, attacks QNAP devices

Yes, ransomware is still a thing. No, not all ransomware attacks unfold in the way you might expect. Most contemporary ransomware attacks involve two groups of criminals: a core gang who create the malware and handle the extortion payments, and “members” of a loose-knit clan of “affiliates” who acti…

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4- GUEST ESSAY: A breakdown of the cyber risks intrinsic to ubiquitous social media apps

More than half of the world—58.4 percent or 4.62 billion people—use social media. Related: Deploying human sensors to stop phishing. And while that’s incredible for staying connected with friends, organizing rallies, and sharing important messages, it’s also the reason we are facing a cyber security…

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