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#WeeklyCybersecurityTip: You are a target to hackers. Don’t ever say “It won’t happen to ME.”

Nov 14, 2022 12:00 PM

1- 29 Weaponized Python PyPI Packages Aimed to Infect Developers With Malware

The Python Package Index (PyPI) has been found to contain 29 potentially malicious packages. In most of these cases, you will find that the obfuscated code drops an info-stealer called “W4SP” on infected machines. Others take advantage of malware that has allegedly been designed for the sole purpose…

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2- FIRESIDE CHAT: Why ‘digital resiliency’ has arisen as the Holy Grail of IT infrastructure

Digital resiliency has arisen as something of a Holy Grail in the current environment. Related: The big lesson of Log4j Enterprises are racing to push their digital services out to the far edge of a highly interconnected, cloud-centric operating environment. This has triggered a seismic transition o…

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3- GUEST ESSAY: Sure steps to achieve a robust employee cybersecurity awareness training regimen

Employee security awareness is the most important defense against data breaches. Related: Leveraging security standards to protect your company It involves regularly changing passwords and inventorying sensitive data. Cybercriminals view employees as a path of least resistance. As such, you should l…

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4- GUEST ESSAY: A roadmap to achieve a better balance of network security and performance

Here’s a frustrating reality about securing an enterprise network: the more closely you inspect network traffic, the more it deteriorates the user experience. Related: Taking a risk-assessment approach to vulnerabilities Slow down application performance a little, and you’ve got frustrated users. Sl…

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