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#Weekly Cybersecurity Tip: Don’t click attachments or links if the email seems suspicious!

May 08, 2023 12:00 pm

1- Security Risks of AI

Stanford and Georgetown have a new report on the security risks of AI—particularly adversarial machine learning—based on a workshop they held on the topic. Jim Dempsey, one of the workshop organizers, wrote a blog post on the report: As a first step, our report recommends the inclusion of AI securi...

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2- Hacker Groups Adding New Double DLL Sideloading Technique to Evade Detection

The cybersecurity security researchers at Sophos recently detected the “Dragon Breath” APT group (aka Golden Eye Dog, APT-Q-27) using complex DLL sideloading variations to avoid detection. The APT group deploys a new attack vector that utilizes clean applications like Telegram to malicious malware l...

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3- Over 2 Million WordPress Websites Exposed to XSS Attacks

Patchstack security researchers recently warned that ‘Advanced Custom Fields’ and ‘Advanced Custom Fields Pro’ WordPress plugins are at risk of cross-site scripting attacks (XSS).  These WP plugins, installed on millions of websites, may be vulnerable to security breaches. The ‘Advanced Custom Field...

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4- Apple & Google Working Together to Combat Airtag Stalking

Airtag, Smart tags are devices used to find the location of lost items like Luggage, keys, purses, or mobile phones. These location trackers are very handy for people who often lose their valuable items on travel.  Though this technology has helped numerous people worldwide, they are still being mis...

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Weekly Cybersecurity Newsletter No: 266



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