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#Weekly Cybersecurity Tip: Make sure users are trained to recognize phishing attacks!

28 August 2023 12:00 pm

1- “Snakes in airplane mode” – what if your phone says it’s offline but isn’t?

Researchers at Apple device management company Jamf recently published an intriguing paper entitled Fake Airplane Mode: A mobile tampering technique to maintain connectivity....

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2- 90% of Consumers Worry Cybersecurity’s Future Is in Jeopardy if Students Aren’t Exposed to the Field at an Earlier Age

New research released today from ThreatX, the leading API and application protection platform, reveals that consumers believe today’s cybersecurity talent shortage is in large part due to limited exposure to the profession and a lack of cybersecurity education and training at a younger age within sc...

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3- It’s Time to Approach The Cybersecurity Skills Gap Differently

The cybersecurity skills gap and talent shortage is a topic on the agenda of almost every board across the industry – and it’s becoming an ever more urgent discussion. In fact, according to the 2023 State of the CISO report by Salt Security, 91% of CISOs agree that finding and keeping qualified cybe...

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4- Aston University partners with ISACA to offer credentials in cybersecurity and risk management to graduates

ISACA announces a strategic partnership with the Cyber Security Innovation (CSI) Centre at Aston University to provide the next generation of professionals with globally recognised qualifications in cybersecurity. ...

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Weekly Cybersecurity Newsletter No: 282



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