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#Weekly Cybersecurity Tip: Leverage Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) where possible

04 September 2023 12:00 pm

1- Cisco Unified Communications Products Flaw Let Attackers Escalate Privileges

A recent discovery has highlighted a privilege escalation vulnerability within Cisco Unified Communications Products. This vulnerability was found during internal security testing....

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2- Fake Reservation Links Prey on Weary Travelers

A longtime threat group identified as TA558 has ramped up efforts to target the travel and hospitality industries. After a lull in activity, believed tied to COVID-related travel restrictions, the threat group has ramped up campaigns to exploit an uptick in travel and related airline and hotel booki...

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3- Firewall Bug Under Active Attack Triggers CISA Warning

Software running Palo Alto Networks’ firewalls is under attack, prompting U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to issue a warning to public and federal IT security teams to apply available fixes. Federal agencies urged to patch the bug by September 9....

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4- 3 out of 4 cyberattacks in the education sector are associated with a compromised on premises user or admin account

Netwrix, a cybersecurity vendor that makes data security easy, today revealed additional findings for the education sector from its survey of 1,610 IT and security professionals from more than 100 countries....

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Weekly Cybersecurity Newsletter No: 283



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