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Handle phishing attacks 168x faster in analysis and 48x quicker in response. Exchange threats in trusted communities with 1M+ active threat hunters protecting you!

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Gartner reported that the average time to analyze a suspicious email is 2 hours and 45 minutes. However, with Keepnet’s AI-powered Phishing Forensic tool, you can analyze emails in under 2 minutes using 20+ integrated threat analysis services, which is 168x faster. Removing confirmed malicious emails from inboxes can take up to 9 hours, but with Keepnet, this process takes under 5 minutes, 48x faster.

Did you know that Secure Email Gateways miss 82% of soft email threats like BEC and Spear Phishing?

Verizon's 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report reveals that organizations of all sizes continue to face significant threats from ransomware, BEC, and social engineering. Relying on traditional security measures alone is not enough to prevent social engineering attacks. This fact highlights the urgent need for organizations to strengthen their defenses with AI-powered phishing forensics and incident response.

Phishing Forensics and Incident Response Empowered by AI

The benefits of using Keepnet’s Phishing Incident Response include the following:

Save up to 95% Time

Save up to 95% Time

According to Gartner, analyzing an email can take up to 2 hours and 45 minutes. But Keepnet reduces this time to under 2 minutes on average, providing a 168 times faster analysis capability.

Smart Phishing Reporter

Smart Phishing Reporter

Empower your employees with the Phishing Reporter add-in, allowing them to report suspicious emails with just one click. This tool has been proven to increase reporting of phishing attacks by 86% in just six months.

Measure and Build Security Culture

Measure and Build Security Culture

Monitor your employees' actions and identify proactive and reactive reporters. Assess your security culture and reward those who effectively identify and report phishing threats.

Minimize Phishing Risks

Minimize Phishing Risks

Join Keepnet's threat hunter community with over 1 million members to shorten incident response time and reduce phishing risks.

Key Features of AI-Powered Phishing Incident Response

  1. Phishing Incident Management:

    • Phishing Forensic: The reported emails are automatically analyzed based on  Header, Links, Attachment, and Sender IP.

    • Phishing Incident Response: Find and quarantine the malicious email in Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, or Exchange EWS via native integration. Outlook Desktop App integration is a game-changer that helps find and delete suspicious emails from different email providers (e.g., Postfix, Qmail, Exim).

    • AI Threat Analysis Services: Built-in analysis services like Virustotal, Opswat, Vmray, Threat Sharing, IBM X-Force, AnyRun, Forti Sandbox, Google Safe Browsing, Google Web Risk, Zen Spamhaus, and more. 

    • SOAR Integration: Integration with top SOAR solutions to improve email incident response processes.

    • Automated Email Response Rules: Create custom playbook rules to automate the analysis and response to reported suspicious emails.

  2. Threat Intelligence Sharing:

    • Create or Join Communities: Create sector-based information sharing and analysis centers (ISACs). Join verified communities for sector-specific threat sharing and access over 1 million proactive threat hunters.

    • Automated Threat Intelligence Management: Automate the detection and removal of malicious emails shared in your communities directly from users' inboxes.

    • Protect sensitive information: Use the Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) to ensure that sensitive information is only shared with the appropriate audience.

    • Privacy Assurance: When sharing a threat with communities, only include necessary information and hide any private details such as names, links, or attachments in the email.

  3. Suspicious Email Reporting

    • Outlook Phishing Reporter Add-In: Empower your employees to report suspicious emails from their Outlook Desktop App, improving proactive threat detection and response.

    • Seamless Integration: Report suspicious emails through various email servers like Office 365, Google Workspace, and others.

    • Monitor Reporting Activity: Monitor add-in activity and track whether users engage with our Phishing Reporter add-in. Alert admins about disabled or inactive reporters.

    • Archive Scanning: Scan archived emails in services such as Enterprise Vault to mitigate phishing risks from archived emails and ensure complete email protection.

What our customers are saying

“We have partnered with Keepnet Labs based on their ability to tackle a growing challenge. Phishing is a big problem, and we are using their technology to help our customers against the ever-changing threat landscape and combat Email, Voice, SMS, and other forms of Phishing attacks. With so many new threat vectors in today’s market, Computacenter is the partner of choice to help find the best solution, and by partnering with Keepnet Labs, we can do just that. We are excited to see the partnership grow from strength to strength, together we can help our customers reach their goals.”

Andrew Smyth - Partner Management of Computacenter

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You'll learn how to:
tickUtilize the Phishing Reporter add-in to identify and report suspicious emails, enhancing your organization's security.
tickEmpower your SOC team to examine reported phishing cases 186x faster and respond 48x more swiftly.
tickEngage with more than 20 analysis tools, such as Sandbox, Antivirus, and Threat Intelligence, to utilize diverse analytical features for improved safeguarding.

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You'll learn how to:
tickAutomate behaviour-based security awareness training for employees to identify and report threats: phishing, vishing, smishing, quishing, MFA phishing, callback phishing!
tickAutomate phishing analysis by 187x and remove threats from inboxes 48x faster.
tickUse our AI-driven human-centric platform with Autopilot and Self-driving features to efficiently manage human cyber risks.
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