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A single human error costs $4.24 million!

Reduce human cyber risk

Build your security culture|Harden your email security|Unburden your SOC

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Phishing Epidemic

Today and tomorrow’s challenges that businesses of all sizes are facing

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1) Modern attacks beat legacy solutions

82% of threats go undetected. 78% of all reported malicious emails originate from O365 and Google Workspace users despite in-built security.

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2) Unmanaged Human Risk

Human error causes 90% of data breaches and burdens your SOC.

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3) Low collaboration

You miss what others know, and cannot stop known-attacks that cause 90% of breaches!

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4) Email-based Incidents go undetected and response takes long.

98% of SOCs can’t handle incidents in time


Adopt a continuous lifecycle approach—fortify infrastructure, foster secure behaviors, join trusted threat sharing communities, and enable rapid response to combat cyber threats head-on.


Harden your Office 365, Google Workspace (and SEGs) for full protection.

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Educate employees and change their behavior to turn them into proactive agents who can understand the risk, and report it!

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Join peer-to-peer trusted communities to let others protect you!

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Implement supersonic response tools to find, analyze, and respond to threats.

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How Keepnet Helps

Empower your business with a human risk management platform, all designed to fortify your defenses against phishing attacks.

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Quantify and Manage Email Security Risk

Map Email Attack Surface

Exposed data accounts for 64% of all data breaches, and hackers target you based on this.

Monitor attack surface including leaked credentials of your company and supply chain from a hacker's perspective.

Assess and Harden Email Security Posture

Enterprise email security (including O365, G Suite, and all SEGs) misses 82% of soft threats.

Identify security gaps by safely simulating real-world threats, and receive expert guidance for continuously improving your existing security stack.

Automated Threat Sharing

You miss what others already know – 90% of breaches are caused by known attacks.

Stay ahead of the curve by joining our trusted threat-sharing communities to prevent advanced threats more efficiently, and save up to $2.3 million.

Supersonic Incident Response

IT admins' inability to promptly analyze and respond to threats leads to 70-day incident handling times.

Detect, analyze, and respond to threats 48.6x faster by implementing our supersonic incident response tool into your inboxes and email servers.

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Develop Security Behaviour with Human Centric Approach

Quantify and Manage Human Risk

Single human error costs $4.24 million.

Identify how risky your employees behave during attacks, and train them to become a proactive line of defense against cyber threats.

Nudge Theory Based Security Culture Development

70% of people behave insecurely even when they know that their actions are risky.

Go beyond security awareness and change behaviors by implementing secure behaviour.

Not Just Email

Over 83% of employees are targeted through phone, SMS, QR code attacks, causing $108M losses to businesses. Create awareness and simulate attacks vectors by our unique vishing and smishing simulation modules to help your employees to gain secure behaviours.

What our customers are saying

‘’Sharing cyber-attacks through WhatsApp and email groups only resulted in lessons learned. Keepnet's anonymous threat sharing platform increased the quantity and quality of sharing while protecting privacy. Now, companies can proactively protect each other, minimize damage, and take preventative measures against attacks by working together.‘’

Cyber Threat Analyst in the Finance Sector

‘’Proofpoint couldn't combat all email threats, MFA attacks, BEC and Randomware go to inboxes. Keepnet provided Supersonic Incident Response tools to eliminate email risks in minutes, and it takes around 5 minutes to remove a malware that security technologies cannot stop from the email boxes of 7,500 company employees with a single click. Time to response rate 48x faster and reducing the stress on our security operations team is invaluable!‘’

SOC Admin, Holding Company

‘’Users' mistakes can harm the company via email, phone, SMS, social media, and remote work. Annual awareness campaigns including phishing tests few times a year did not result in behavioural changes. Keepnet's continuous individualized training and simulation modules were 86% more effective than annual awareness campaigns. Our detection success increased by 490%, with a 92% prevention rate.‘’

CISO, Insurance

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