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How to Respond Phishing Attacks

Understanding the Problem

It’s natural for all organisations to experience phishing attacks and indeed, it is a matter of time. On average, it takes organisation about 197 days to identify and 69 days to contain a breach. Organisations contain a breach in less than 30 days save more than $1 million in comparison to those contain a breach longer[1]. These are critical incidents that organisations have to respond to rapidly, before significant damage occurs.

Questions Regarding the Problem

● How quickly could you respond to a phishing attack that had reached multiple users’ inboxes?

● How would you scan all users’ inboxes to check if other users had been attacked by the same phishing scam (or it’s different variants)?

● How would you contain a phishing attack designed to infect your organisation with malware or ransomware?

● What sort of actions will you take to prevent these attacks in the future?

How to Respond Phishing Attacks Use Case



The solution: Keepnet Incident Responder

Keepnet IR can help you to respond to phishing attacks rapidly, with the goal of saving your organisation from experiencing significant loss or disruption. Once detected, we can stop malicious email spreading to other users by scanning all users’ inboxes, checking for matching threat emails (or any other variants) and containing them. Within 60 seconds of a reported email, the entire organisation can be protected from this attack through our automated Incident Responder module. Moreover, with customisable playbook (automation) rules, Keepnet Labs helps organisations to prevent future attacks in a proactive way.

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