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Cyber Security

Cybersecurity and the Tourism Sector: Combatting Cyber Threats with Security Awareness Training and Human Risk Management

The tourism sector faces an ever-increasing threat landscape in the digital age. However, proactive measures can be taken to protect businesses and customers from cyber attacks.

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Cyber Security

Why is Traditional Security Awareness Training Inadequate?

Discover the New Trend: Building a Security Culture!

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Cyber Attack

How TOADs are Attacking Businesses: Risks, Impacts, and Solutions

Recent statistics show that TOADs account for over 60% of all call center fraud attempts, making it a major concern for organizations that rely on call centers to conduct business.

How Effective Is Security Training in Preventing Cyber Attacks?
Phishing Test Software

How Effective Is Security Training in Preventing Cyber Attacks?

A phishing attack is responsible for more than 91% of system breaches. Spear phishing, a targeted attack against a specific individual, has become popular. Organizations require employee awareness training as well as a combination of technical solutions to protect...

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Phishing Test Software

Do your security controls work?

The Email Threat Simulator is a test product that can assist your business in validating the value of security investments and defending the choices taken while building a security operations plan.

Phishing Test Software
Phishing Test Software

Phishing Test Software

The human factor is the weakest point in your security posture and may be used against you regardless of how secure your network, computers, and software are. Traditional security measures are insufficient to stop these attacks. Using phishing test platforms that replicate phishing attacks is an effective security measure.

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Phishing Training

Phishing Training for Employees

Phishing is one of the most successful ways cybercriminals access companies’ passwords and other security credentials. A cybercriminal impersonates a legitimate person or entity and sends a fake email to manipulate employees. Companies need to train their employees not to click on links or attachments in suspicious emails.

Protect Yourself Against Keyloggers

Protect Yourself Against Keyloggers

Keyloggers are one of the most common and deadly cybersecurity threats. It is a type of malware that records keystrokes and sends them back to the cybercriminal. Hackers can access accounts, banking systems, or even bitcoin wallets thanks to keyloggers.

Email Security Gap Analysis
Email Security

Email Security Gap Analysis

Keepnet Labs’ Email Threat Simulator (ETS) allows you to conduct an email gap analysis to quickly assess the effectiveness of your current email security. The ETS is unobtrusive and simple to set up for a comprehensive gap analysis.


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