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Use Keepnet Phishing Simulator to Stop Phishing

Strengthen your cyber defenses with Keepnet's Phishing Simulator. This powerful phishing simulation tool offers real-life phishing scenario simulations, equipping employees with the knowledge and skills to identify and stop phishing attacks. Boost cyber security awareness training.

Use Keepnet Phishing Simulator to Stop Phishing

Keepnet Phishing Simulation is an excellent component of a security awareness training program, particularly in combating phishing attempts. It is simple to send test staff simulated phishing emails and customizable phishing templates. Pre-configured or customized phishing attack templates can be administered.

Keepnet Labs’ phishing reporting feature allows you to address your employees and see their vulnerabilities and email interactions. Furthermore, by allowing users to report suspected phishing emails with a simple click, and turning them into proactive agents to identify and avoid phishing emails, organizational risk can be reduced.

Keepnet Labs safely simulates sophisticated phishing attacks within your domain to test and train your employees.

Keepnet Labs’ incident responder module makes it simple to report and analyze phishing emails, allowing your staff to submit suspicious phishing emails with a single click.

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Keepnet Labs is an anti-phishing and cyber security awareness platform that trains employees how to spot and respond to phishing emails and tests them with simulated phishing attacks. The awareness educator and phishing simulator from Keepnet Labs also demonstrate your employees’ level and progress with training content. Keepnet Labs delivers a complete solution to test, evaluate, and take the right action, such as training the weakest employees, to deal with phishing attacks.

Use our simulated phishing tests for defense against social engineering attacks.

Although a lot of businesses today utilize technology to protect themselves from cyber risks, user training has been a key defense against phishing scams. Leading practices like the Keepnet Phishing Simulator and cyber security awareness training enable your workforce to be ready for social engineering assaults. The Keepnet Phishing Simulator will test your users in various departments, and they will encounter these threats before they are truly targeted. Additionally, they will receive the most recent and interesting training materials to help them recognize cyberattacks like data or identity theft.



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tickUse our AI-driven human-centric platform with Autopilot and Self-driving features to efficiently manage human cyber risks.
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