• How to Celebrate SysAdmin Day!

    System Administrator Appreciation Day, commonly known as Sysadmin Day or SysAdminDay, is an annual event founded by Ted Kekatos, a system administrator.
    The event exists to recognize the efforts of sysadmins and other IT professionals.
    It is observed on the fourth Friday of July.

  • Unitree Robot Gun Carrying Dog Disabled by Remote Hacking Tool

    Discovery was posted on GitHub and Twitter by KF@d0tslash and mavproxyuser. The PDB has a 433 MHz backdoor. To take control of the bot, the Flipper Zero multitool is used to communicate wirelessly via RFID, Bluetooth and NFC.

  • Attack on Supplier Leaves NHS Recovering Services

    A cyber attack first detected last Thursday has caused a “serious” computer glitch affecting businesses of the National Health Service. A number of health and wellness systems provided by enterprise software and services provider Advanced are currently reported to be experiencing serious disruptions. NHS England spokesman said “disruption is minimal” at the moment.

  • Cyber Safety Rules

    Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting small businesses and people with a variety of attack vectors such as phishing, vishing, BEC, ransomware, crypto-jacking, and SMS phishing. Adhering to effective cyber safety standards will assist you in protecting yourself and your children from these threats.

  • Privacy is Important For Your Business

    Privacy denotes being free from the intrusion of others.
    Privacy is defined as a state or circumstance in which one is not disturbed by others.
    Privacy establishes a barrier around those vital items and possessions that you do not wish to share with others at any cost.

  • Securing Mobile Devices

    Mobile phishing has become a popular strategy for fraudsters seeking financial advantage. Within these devices, you carry a wealth of information such as persons, images, videos, places, health, and financial information. It is critical in this context to utilize portable devices safely and avoid mobile phishing attempts.

  • Privacy in Wireless Networks

    Many internet users find that using libraries and public computers is beneficial. These public locations’ devices are a fantastic source of quality. However, when utilizing these gadgets, it is critical to practice good internet security behaviors.

  • Petya Ransomware Attack

    The #Wannacry attacks caused major losses in crucial sectors like health, finance, and energy. A new pandemic malicious virus known as Petya ransomware was released on June 27, 2017. Even if businesses pay the ransom, victims will no longer be able to access their machines.

  • Email Security: 7 Biggest Threats

    Businesses must be aware of the seven most serious threats to email security. Email security needs to be updated and changed according to the attack landscape for the best protection. Client-side attacks, malicious attachments, ransomware attacks and misconfiguration are some of the most common.

  • The Ransomware Risks in Office Files

    Ransomware, first discovered in September 2013, has been a nightmare for individuals and institutions. It is a hazardous type of ransomware trojan horse. Ransomware has since been adopted for Android smartphones and Mac computers. Furthermore, ransomware in office files has emerged as a new attack vector.

  • Despite Closures of Ransomware Groups, Attacks Continue to Rise!

    There is an increase in sophisticated, high-impact global ransomware incidents against several organizations including the ones that manage critical infrastructures. However, even if there were seasonal reduction in ransomware attacks across December 2021 and January 2022, the number of ransomware attacks continue to rise.

  • Email Security Market: Challenges and Opportunities for the Second Half of 2022 

    The state of email security markets is promising. Research reports suggest that the market will continue to grow especially with the increasing trend of remote working.

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