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Ukraine Assembles an “IT army” to Launch Cyber-attacks on 31 Russian Entities

The Minister of Digital transformation of Ukraine, Mikhail Fedorov announced the creation of an army of IT specialists.

The Minister of Digital transformation of Ukraine, Mikhail Fedorov announced the creation of an army of IT specialists.

After the attack on Russia, Ukraine adopted various measures to combat the war. As part of one of the offensive measures, Ukraine began to recruit an army of information technology specialists to conduct various operations against Russia. Mikhail Fedorov, the Minister of Digital transformation of Ukraine, announced the creation of an army of IT specialists.

On Saturday afternoon, he tweeted that they had created a telegram channel that would provide cyber experts with all operational tasks to combat the cyberfront. We are building an IT army. We need digital capabilities.

There there will be tasks for everyone. We continue to fight on the cyberfront.


The first task is on the cyber experts channel. – Mikhail Fedorov (@FedorovMykhailo) is created on 26 February 2022 after the Telegram-channel operational objectives as part of the task list published 31 covering Russia, Russian government agencies, banks, State, IP address, device, data storage and e-mail servers, company, support, critical infrastructure, as well as popular Russian search engine and portal, e-mail Yandex. These actions were posted on the Facebook page by Yegor Aushev, the founder of Cyber Unit Technologies. Aushev, on the other hand, was the one who submitted the application form for recruitment on Thursday.

He also wrote that hackers from all over the world have signed up for this operation, and even hackers from Russia. Since the sites of the Kremlin, the State Duma and the Ministry of Defense are blocked, it seems that the IT army has a great influence on Russia. Reports say it may have been a DDoS attack. Do you want to join the IT army? Speaking of the armed forces, it seems that about 200,000 members have joined the army.



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