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Features & Benefits

Keepnet Labs has many features and benefits to make your email security work effortless.

Easy User Management

Import and manage your users to the last detail. Use 20+ built-in integrated SCIM supported identity access management products and active directories for user provisioning or upload .xls/.csv files to easily import and manage users.

Holistic Approach

Most institutions assume technology is an adequate remedy to eliminate cyber threats. In fact, people, process and technology are integral to a strong defensive posture.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Define rules for analysis and investigations of emails depending on multiple criteria.

Rest API

Connect via APIs to pull data and reports into your own applications.

Cloud and On-Premise Options

Select the right deployment option that suits your needs, including hybrid configurations.

Full Control in Tenant Management

View and manage your subsidiaries and affiliates. Control grouping, sharing and access. Easily start training enrollments and phishing simulations for multiple companies with one click.

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