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Keepnet leverages the power of the more than 80 antivirus scanners and URL/domain blocklisting services of VirusTotal to review the body of an email, the hash of attached files, and the sender domain to detect email-based attacks.

Built-in and Native Integration

A free or paid Virustotal API is all you need to enable this integration. 

Detect Malicious URLs

URLs are scanned with more than 80 different antivirus scanners to detect any phishing activities associated with that URL in seconds.

Find Malicious Attachments

By default, attachments won’t be uploaded to Virustotal for scanning due to privacy issues. Only the hashes of the files will be scanned in the Virustotal.

Catch Spammers

VirusTotal easily detects spam, unsolicited messages, pop-ups, and automatic commenting.

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