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Harden your Office 365, Google Workspace, and Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) for full protection.

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Keepnet’s Email Threat Simulator (ETS) continuously tests your secure email gateway solutions, such as Office 365 and Google Workspace, by sending real-world attacks to a dedicated test inbox. It demonstrates how many of these attacks bypass your SEGs and identifies vulnerabilities. ETS improves your defenses and helps in the remediation process, optimizing your technological investments.

Did you know 82% of email attacks bypass Secure Email Gateways?

Email attacks cost businesses $3 trillion annually and necessitate considerable technological investments, such as sandboxes, firewalls, or anti-spam measures to provide protection. Despite built-in security features, 78% of all malicious emails originate from Office 365 and Google Workspace users. It's concerning that 82% of soft threats go undetected, revealing the urgent need for more robust security strategies on these platforms against email threats.

Assess and Harden Your Email Security Posture

Discover the benefits of using Keepnet's Email Threat Simulator:

Investment Payoff

Investment Payoff

Boost email blocking efficiency from 28% to 96% by fixing vulnerabilities in your sandbox firewall, anti-spam, and other SEGs.

Harden Your Secure Gateway

Harden Your Secure Gateway

Test your secure gateway solutions by sending 700+ real-world attacks to a test inbox and measuring your defenses against the latest attacks.

Fix Misconfigurations

Fix Misconfigurations

Unlike standard vulnerability scanning services, our platform checks for issues such as Open Relay, Reverse DNS Check, or DNSBL in missing or incorrectly configured emails.

Monitor Progress

Monitor Progress

Generate a report of email security scan results over time, tracking improvements and readiness against email attacks.

Key Features of Email Threat Simulator

  1. Advanced Simulation Techniques

    • Malicious Attachment Simulation: Test your antivirus, anti-spam, or sandbox solutions with real-world malicious email attachments.

    • Ransomware Simulation: Evaluate the effectiveness of your secure email gateway against known ransomware attacks

    • APT Attack Simulation: Challenge your email security with complex, multi-stage threats typical of advanced persistent threats (APTs).

    • File Format Exploit: Probe vulnerabilities associated with various file formats, including PDF, MP4, DOC, M3U, XPL, EXE, and more.

    • Client-Side Attacks Simulation: Assess susceptibility to phishing emails or malicious downloads targeting end-users.

  2. Customization and Integration

    • Customized Testing: Incorporate your own malicious attack vectors to test various security products like email gateways, DLP, and Sandboxes.

    • Seamless Email Testing with Outlook Web Access: Integrate with Outlook Web Access or O365 for email security testing, which is especially useful for restricted services like POP3/IMAP.

  3. Reporting and Continuous Security

    • Detailed Reporting: Receive in-depth reports with actionable insights for human misconfigurations and a company score on email defense capabilities.

    • Automated Scanning and Continuous Defense Checks: Continuously scan your email gateway tools with new attack vectors to ensure persistent security.

What our customers are saying

“In the payment industry, robust email security is essential. Keepnet's Email Threat Simulator has been a pivotal asset for us, delivering remarkable ROI. It's elevated our email blocking efficiency from 35% to 97%. The tool's ongoing monitoring and feedback empower us to bolster our defenses against evolving cyber threats. It's become an indispensable part of our email security strategy.” Read More

James Stone - CISO of Global Payment Company

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tickGet detailed reports on mitigating the attacks that bypassed your secure gateway security solutions, and pinpoint your vulnerability.
tickSee your human misconfigurations on your email security and fix them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Email Threat Simulator?

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The email threat simulator is a tool that tests an organization's email security system by simulating various types of email-based cyber threats. These threats can include phishing, malware, ransomware, and other types of attacks that typically target email systems. The simulator sends these real-world threats to the organization's email system to see if the security measures in place can detect and block them.

Why is an email threat simulator necessary?

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An email threat simulator is necessary for several reasons:

  • Identify Vulnerabilities: It helps organizations identify vulnerabilities in their email security system. By simulating real-world threats, the simulator can reveal weaknesses that might not be apparent during regular operation.
  • Test Effectiveness: It allows organizations to test the effectiveness of their email security measures e.g Secure Gateway Solutions. This can help them determine whether their current security solutions are sufficient or if they need to upgrade or adjust their defenses.
  • Compliance: Some industries require regular security testing for compliance purposes. An email threat simulator can help fulfill these requirements by providing documented proof of testing.
  • Proactive Defense: Finally, using an email threat simulator is a proactive measure. Instead of waiting for a real threat to test the system, organizations can take the initiative to find and fix vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

What does the Email Threat Simulator do for hardening Office365 and Google Workspace?

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Email Threat Simulator regularly tests your secure gateway solutions, like Office365 and Google Workspace security. ETS identifies vulnerabilities and assesses the robustness of your email security by sending over +700 real-world attacks to a test inbox. The assessment optimizes security measures, thereby hardening Office365 and Google Workspace against potential threats.

How does Email Threat Simulator help in assessing the email secure gateway?

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The ETS assesses the email secure gateway by sending real-world attacks such as Ransomware Attacks, Client-side Attacks, Spear Phishing Attacks, Business Email Compromise (BEC), and other Malicious email attacks. By testing the gateway's response to these threats, it can identify vulnerabilities or potential areas for improvement.

How does Email Threat Simulator contribute to hardening email security overall?

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Email Threat Simulator hardens email security by uncovering potential vulnerabilities or misconfigurations. Using real-world threat simulations, it tests the effectiveness of various security measures like antivirus, anti-spam, and sandbox environments. This allows users to improve and strengthen their email security posture based on concrete findings and recommendations.

Can Email Threat Simulator help in hardening IDS/IPS?

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Yes, the Email Threat Simulator, like a breach and attack simulation tool, tests the robustness of all aspects of your email security architecture, including Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). The ETS provides detailed reports on vulnerabilities and recommends hardening these systems.

What is the role of the Email Threat Simulator in email gap analysis?

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Email Threat Simulator plays a significant role in email gap analysis by identifying vulnerabilities and areas where your email security falls short. Through the continuous testing and retesting of your email security system, the simulator helps pinpoint areas needing improvement, facilitating a practical gap analysis.

How does Email Threat Simulator help in fixing email vulnerabilities?

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The Email Threat Simulator helps fix email vulnerabilities by first identifying them through comprehensive email security testing. After testing, it provides you with a company score on the vulnerabilities detected and offers actionable recommendations for remediation, thereby guiding the process of fixing any identified weaknesses.

Is Email Threat Simulator a breach and attack simulation product?

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Yes, the Email Threat Simulator can be likened to a breach and attack simulation tool, though its functionality is distinct in some fundamental ways. The system conducts realistic attack simulations, but instead of only replicating potential threats, it executes actual threats against a dedicated test inbox. This approach offers a more hands-on evaluation of your security measures, providing actionable insights to help fortify your defenses.

How does the Email Threat Simulator help to maximize technological investments?

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The Email Threat Simulator helps maximize technological investments by ensuring your email security solutions work effectively against the latest threats. Identifying any weaknesses or vulnerabilities allows you to make the necessary adjustments to optimize your security measures, ensuring you get the most out of your investments.

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