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Keepnet’s Threat Sharing Platform allows you to join threat sharing communities to share, collaborate, and act upon threat intelligence data. You can exchange information about new email attacks, vulnerabilities, or threat actors among your trusted communities. You can create automated workflows across the threat intelligence life-cycle for threat analysis, sharing, and actioning.

Did you know that 90% of security breaches originate from known threats?

You often miss critical threats that others know. These known attacks are responsible for 90% of security breaches. If not shared, these threats may find their way to other businesses, causing further damage. On average, it takes about 280 days to discover and deal with a security breach. However, sharing threat intelligence can significantly shorten this lengthy period, boosting your security response efficiency.

Exchange Knowledge Within the Industry and Take Measures Beforehand

Discover the benefits of using Keepnet's Threat Sharing Platform:

Investment Payoff

Investment Payoff

Join our trusted threat sharing communities to prevent advanced threats 50% more efficiently and save up to $2.3 million from potential losses.

Minimize Phishing Risks

Minimize Phishing Risks

By leveraging massive IOCs created by over 1M+ Keepnet users, Threat Sharing helps minimize email risks and shorten the incident response time.

Supersonic Response

Supersonic Response

Keepnet accelerates incident response time by up to 48.6 times, potentially saving an average of $157,000 in annual financial damage.

Reducing Supply Chain Risks

Reducing Supply Chain Risks

Take action against threats potentially targeting your company and supply chain by getting necessary intelligence from trust-based threat sharing communities.

Key Features of Threat Sharing Communities

  1. Collaborative Intelligence and Community Building

    • ISAC Creation: Establish Information your Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISAC) to share cyber threat intelligence in sector-based private/public communities.

    • Sectoral Communities: Join exclusive communities with verified, referenced, and reliable companies for sector-specific threat sharing.

    • Broad Network Access: Gain access to a vast network featuring over +1M proactive agents and daily threat intelligence.

  2. Privacy and Security in Information Sharing

    • Anonymized Sharing: Share threats within communities while maintaining anonymity.

    • Sensitive Information Protection: Utilize the Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) to ensure sensitive information is shared with the appropriate audience.

    • Privacy-Safe Sharing: Remove unwanted email attachments and URLs to address privacy concerns in threat sharing.

  3. Integration and Automation

    • Automated Threat Intelligence Management: Automate detecting and eliminating malicious emails circulated within your communities directly from user inboxes.

    • SOAR Integration: Seamlessly integrate with built-in SOAR or use APIs for connectivity with existing anti-spam, firewall, or other products.

What our customers are saying

“Keepnet's Threat Sharing Platform is like having a million threat hunters on your side. We have successfully prevented advanced threats 60% more efficiently and saved up to $1M annually. We share threat intelligence, proactively tackle email attacks and vulnerabilities, and drastically cut down the time to handle security breaches. The benefits are clear: efficient threat prevention, reduced phishing risks, faster response times, and safeguarded supply chains. With Keepnet, we're fortifying our security and the entire community.” Read More

Yalcin Bekmezci - Security Team Leader of Abdiibrahim

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tickEstablish and manage your private or public community, inviting other companies and sharing threat data anonymously or publicly.
tickInvestigate shared threats within communities and efficiently identify malicious emails in users' inboxes to mitigate risks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is threat intelligence sharing?

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Threat intelligence sharing is exchanging information about potential or ongoing cyber threats among organizations or within a community. This shared knowledge can help organizations better understand threats and prepare defenses

What is an ISAC?

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ISAC stands for Information Sharing and Analysis Center. You can create your own ISAC within Keepnet Threat Sharing, gather information on cyber threats, and provide two-way information sharing.

Why is threat sharing important?

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Threat sharing is important because it allows organizations to learn from each other's experiences, helping them to proactively defend against known threats and respond more effectively to new ones. It enhances collective security and resilience against cyber threats.

How does a threat sharing network work?

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A threat sharing network collects, analyzes, and disseminates threat information among its members. This information can include indicators of compromise (IOCs), tactics, techniques, procedures (TTPs), and other threat intelligence.

What is a threat intelligence sharing community?

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A threat intelligence sharing community is a group of organizations collaborating to share information about cyber threats. These communities can be industry-specific (like an ISAC) or more general and often use standardized formats for sharing data.

What are the benefits of joining a threat intelligence sharing community?

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Joining a threat intelligence sharing community can provide several benefits, including access to a broader range of threat data, learning from others' experiences, and contributing to collective security efforts.

How can threat intelligence sharing improve my organization's security?

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Threat intelligence sharing can improve your organization's security by providing real-time information about emerging threats, allowing you to take proactive measures. It also helps validate your threat intelligence and provides a broader view of the threat landscape.

What is the role of automation in threat intelligence sharing?

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Automation in threat intelligence sharing can help efficiently collect, analyze, and disseminate threat data. It can also facilitate real-time sharing and processing of large volumes of data, enhancing the speed and effectiveness of threat response.

What are the challenges in threat intelligence sharing?

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Some challenges in threat intelligence sharing include concerns over privacy and confidentiality, the need for a common language or format for sharing data, and the need for resources to analyze and act on shared intelligence. But Keepnet’s anonymity feature helps you overcome this issue; you can customize the threat data while sharing for the best format.

How can my organization start with threat intelligence sharing?

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Your organization can start with threat intelligence sharing by joining Keepnet’s threat sharing network or community by signing up for free here.

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