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Abdi İbrahim's Triumph in Threat Response

Discover how Abdi İbrahim bolstered its cyber defense with automated threat intelligence sharing and analysis.

Abdi İbrahim's Triumph in Threat Sharing & Mitigation


Abdi İbrahim, a multinational pharmaceutical company with 4600 employees, faced a major cybersecurity issue: phishing attacks targeting their organization and supply chain. Despite strong security, their global operations made managing these threats difficult.

To protect their assets, Abdi İbrahim needed a solution to identify and counter malicious activities with reliable threat intelligence data, enhancing their investigative process and speeding up Incident Response (IR).

They chose Keepnet for its trusted data and peer-to-peer threat sharing. This decision helped automate threat responses, improving digital security and maintaining trust with clients and supply chains, while protecting their global brand.

Successful Outcomes

  • Prevented a $1,385,520 potential loss annually.

  • Saved $57,590 annually from incident-handling processes annually

  • Improved employee’s ability to recognize phishing by 97%.

Highlighting the Potential Risks of Phishing Attacks for Abdi İbrahim

  • Legal Risks: The risk of non-compliance with industry regulations is a severe concern for Abdi İbrahim.

  • Financial Impact: Phishing attacks can lead to data breaches and ransom demands, causing significant financial losses.

  • Reputation: Data integrity compromises due to phishing attacks can negatively impact Abdi İbrahim's reputation among customers, employees, and business partners.

  • Operational Disruptions: Manual investigations and responses to phishing attacks can disrupt regular business functions, requiring significant resources and attention.

  • Identity Theft and Fraud Risk: Phishing attacks can expose confidential information, increasing the risk of identity theft and subsequent fraudulent activities.

“We have set up our own Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) utilizing Keepnet's Threat Sharing product. This has empowered us to exchange and acquire threat intelligence seamlessly with over 200 trusted companies. We maintain a dedicated peer-to-peer data sharing network through this platform, exclusively tailored to our company's needs.”

Yalcin Bekmezci, Security Team Leader of Abdi Ibrahim

Potential Loss Prevented

The average loss per individual


Employees recognizing and reporting phishing

from 37% to 97% in 1 year

The total potential loss prevented: $1,385,520 annually

Costs Saved From Incident Response

Avg. time to respond to a Phishing incident

from 12 hours to 2 minutes

The average cost of one staff

$60 per hour

The cost of a single Phishing incident is reduced

from $720 to $0,12

The average number of Phishing incidents reported per year


The total estimated cost savings are $57,590 annually

(Reducing the cost from $57,600 to $9,2).

How Keepnet Stepped In:

  • Access to Trusted Threat Data Pool: Keepnet enabled Abdi İbrahim's access to an extensive network with a significant threat data pool, allowing them to acquire and disseminate cyber threat intelligence via sector-based communities while ensuring anonymity.

  • Custom Threat Intelligence Sharing: Keepnet supported Abdi İbrahim in creating its own threat intelligence sharing platform within a trusted ecosystem. This custom solution enhanced their ability to automatically manage and respond to incoming threats.

  • Comprehensive Threat Intelligence Management: Keepnet assisted Abdi İbrahim in setting up an automated threat intelligence sharing environment that integrated community-shared threat intelligence into their network security products.

  • Automating Threat Intelligence Lifecycle: Automation, facilitated through their SOAR Platform, allows for the automatic removal of malicious emails, threat blocking, and streamlining of the entire threat intelligence lifecycle.

  • Supersonic Incident Response: Abdi Ibrahim responded to phishing attacks 48.6 times faster and removed threats from inboxes within minutes.

Operational Results

  • Employees achieved a 97% success rate in identifying phishing attempts.

  • Initiated threat intelligence orchestration through their SOAR Platform and created automatic threat blocking.

  • Accessed an extensive network with a significant threat data pool and got daily threat intelligence, automating the entire threat intelligence lifecycle.

  • Streamlined incident reporting enabled swift and effective responses to threats.

Strategic Results

  • Prevented an annual potential financial loss of $1,385,520.

  • Ensured legal compliance.

  • Implemented threat intelligence sharing within its trusted ecosystem.

  • Created automated processes for handling threat information, from receiving and improving the data to analyzing, sharing, and responding.

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