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Awareness Educator

Train your employees against phishing and malicious email attacks.

Get Educated, Get Ready

Enable your employees to learn about the threats and how to avoid malicious emails.

1000s of Training Materials

Improve awareness throughout your organization via 1000s of resources, including videos, documents, slideshows, quizzes, video games, and more.

Integrated with Phishing Simulator

Integrate Awareness Educator with Phishing Simulator to automatically send training to the employees who need it most.

All kinds of resources

Efficiently use videos, slideshows, online exams, posters, newsletters, and video games to prepare your employees.

New materials every month
Schedule enrollments
Leaderboard by exam score
iSpring support

Create Your Own Material

Easily create and import training materials like videos, documents, posters, quizzes, and more to assign to your users.

Detailed Reports and User KPIs

Track-user behavior with in-depth user KPIs, department based-reports, and comprehensive reporting tools with scheduling options.

Get Your Private Demo Session

Book a free 30-minute video call with our experts.

Schedule enrollments

Schedule and automate your training calendar for the entire year.


Reward your users for completing courses.


Provide training to your subsidiaries/affiliates with one click.


See your most and least successful users.


Remind your users about training enrollments until they are complete.

Recurring Events

Repeat enrollments to selected user groups periodically.

Smart Targeting

Target users by their actions on particular phishing campaigns.

Delivery Report

See the progress of email delivery for every user.

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Use Cases

Phishing Simulator & Awareness Educator

In 2020, the global average cost of a data breach amounted to U.S. $3.86 million according to Statisca (2020) and data breaches cost UK organizations an average of £2.9 million per breach. Moreover, according to Verizon…


Ninjio Gamified Security Awareness

While the advantages of humor in the workplace are clear, cybersecurity professionals have a responsibility to recognize the disadvantages and work to mitigate them—particularly when it comes to security awareness training.