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Businesses are increasingly targeted by supply chain cyberattacks, leading to significant financial losses and legal complications. These challenges drain time, financial resources, and reputation. Partner with Keepnet to mitigate threats, reduce supply chain risk by up to 89%, and save an average of $1.6M annually.

Did you know third-party vulnerabilities account for 16% of all data breaches?

Over 70% of companies were hit by supply chain attacks in 2022. The rise of these attacks, with a staggering 633% year-over-year growth, further amplifies the urgency of this issue. These attacks exploit vulnerabilities within the supply chain to compromise systems and steal sensitive data, with a single breach devastating trust, finances, and reputation.

Fortifying the Supply Chain Landscape with Keepnet Labs

Benefits of partnering with Keepnet Labs:

Rapid Detection and Response

Rapid Detection and Response

Equip your staff to identify phishing scams with a 94% success rate and reduce response times from 8 hours to just 2 minutes, ensuring threats are neutralized promptly.

Comprehensive Supply Chain Security

Comprehensive Supply Chain Security

Achieve up to 89% reduction in supply chain risks, empowering employees across the chain to report threats, ensuring consistent end-to-end protection.

Boost Productivity and Cost Savings

Boost Productivity and Cost Savings

With fewer cases to handle, drive productivity across your team and realize substantial annual savings of $1.6 million.

Elevate Your Brand’s Credibility

Elevate Your Brand’s Credibility

By aligning with Keepnet Labs, enhance your market reputation by demonstrating a strong commitment to cybersecurity, instilling greater trust among clients and stakeholders.

Key Features of Keepnet Human Risk Management Platform

1. Behavioral Transformation and Training

  1. Risk Behavior Identification: Detect and address risky behaviors, such as susceptibility to phishing scams, ensuring a vigilant workforce.
  2. Holistic Employee Training: Implement comprehensive training programs, leveraging behavioral science techniques like reinforcements, nudges, and gratitude exercises.
  3. Compliance Testing: Regularly assess and reinforce employee adherence to security protocols, promoting a culture of cybersecurity awareness.

2. Proactive Threat Detection and Response

  1. Leaked Data Identification: Search for leaked passwords, emails, and other sensitive data to pinpoint compromised elements within the supply chain.
  2. AI-Powered Phishing Reporting: Deploy advanced real-time threat detection and response tools, ensuring immediate action against potential attacks.
  3. Security Tool Assessment: Evaluate and rectify vulnerabilities in existing email security tools, fortifying defenses against cyber threats.

3. Collaborative Threat Intelligence Sharing

  1. Staying Ahead of Attacks: Maintain an updated threat feed across communities and continually broaden your security policies. Identify potential threats and recognize specific attack patterns within your community.
  2. Collaborative Intelligence Sharing: Facilitate the distribution of critical intelligence data across the supply chain, local authorities, and financial organizations, fostering a united front against cyber threats.
  3. Proactive Prevention: Guide stakeholders in rectifying supply chain issues and share intelligence data for proactive defense against emerging threats.

What Our Customers Say

“Partnering with Keepnet Labs has fortified our cybersecurity posture and provided a robust shield against supply chain vulnerabilities, allowing us to achieve up to 89% reduction in supply chain risks. Their innovative solutions have enabled us to offer our clients a proactive approach to managing human risk, turning potential vulnerabilities into strengths. With Keepnet, we've transformed challenges into opportunities, ensuring that our clients and their supply chains are insured, educated, and protected.”

Josh Arborn, CIO of Insurance Partner

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