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Threat Sharing

Share threats among communities, exchange knowledge within the industry, take measures before an attack.

The Wisdom of Community

Share and benefit from common threats, get to know attackers, and take measures before they discover you.

Start Your Own Communities

Start your own communities and join others. Set privacy settings to make your community public, closed or hidden (invitation only).


You can choose to share threats anonymously and hide parts of the email that contain sensitive information.

Detailed Previews

See suspicious email addresses, domains, URLs, attachments, and other details on email preview.

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Use Cases

Threat Sharing Use Case

Threat Sharing is a next generation platform that provides organisations with the ability to share real-time email-threats anonymously within trusted community groups. The platform acts as an early warning system deployed across…


Threat Sharing Whitepaper

With the increasing number of cyber attacks and problems around the lack of time, budget and decreasing manpower, industry professionals appear to be in an impossible position to secure and defend their organisations adequately.


Threat Sharing

In the complex, hectic, time-sensitive world of cyber threats, traditional barrier security methods of protecting organisations from attacks are often coming up short and in some an increasing number of cases, failing catastrophically. There are a variety of reasons for this including changes in the type and quantity of attacks, changes in those carrying out […]