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Training Library

Simulate real attacks to test your email infrastructure and email gateway products to fix identified vulnerabilities.

Keepnet Labs Originals

Hundreds of carefully created slides, videos, e-books, posters, HTML training content to prepare you against the real dangers of virtual world.

Cybersecurity training by Hollywood writers

Engaging, 3 to 4 minute Hollywood style micro-learning videos to train employees and organizations to become defenders against cyber threats. KEEPNET NINJIO educate organizations, employees, and families against cyberattacks, making them the first line of defense against today’s advanced attacks


AwareGO has 70+ short videos that are crafted in a combined effort by film-makers, behavioral and cybersecurity experts. Their relatable real life situation videos help you reach employee compliance faster. Content available in more than 15+ different languages, more to come.


Very unique and attention-grabbing English language content on a continuous cycle. Puppets to bring humour and a unique quality to the learning experience. With a range of news desks, skits, songs and other digital content, Cybermaniacs will certainly get your staff talking about cyber security.

Innovative and engaging bite-sized courses

Building a cybersecurity culture means empowering everyone in your team to protect your organisation. With phishing awareness training, you can do just that.

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