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Toyota Shuts Down 14 Japan Plants After Cyber Attack

Toyota announced to shut down 14 plants in Japan due to cyber attacks

Toyota Shuts Down 14 Japan Plants After Cyber Attack

What was potentially a cyberattack has hit one of Toyota’s parts suppliers, causing the company to decide tomorrow to shut down about a third of the company’s global production, the company announced on Monday.

Toyota does not know how long the 14 factories will be closed for. The closure will mean that the company’s production will decrease from about 13,000 vehicles. Reuters, Japan has some of the Russian banks SWIFT international payment system, deny access to and joined the Western allies in emergency aid to Ukraine just hours after the $ 100 million promised to give, Toyota Industries Corp spokesman suppliers Kojima apparently “some from cyber attacks,” said he was impressed. Kojima supplies plastic parts and electronic components for Toyota.

The attack hasn’t been confirmed. Toyota, in turn, calls the incident a “malfunction of the dealer system,” according to Reuters. If Toyota Hino Motors and Daihatsu branches close, it will also affect some factories operated by Threatpost has contacted Toyota for comment. If the incident turns out to be a cyberattack, this will not be the first time it has affected him. in 2020, an Australian subsidiary confirmed that it had been hacked – an attack that forced workers to be sent home.

The clean up was not pleasant. Michael Mirabito, manager of connected IT infrastructure, said at a 2021 conference that it was “painful” to restructure IT support systems and the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). The giant automaker uses full-time production (JiT), Reuters notes. This means that there are no stocks of parts supplied by suppliers.

Instead, Toyota produces cars one by one, avoiding accumulating spare parts, and instead using the parts supplied by the supplier on the production line. The weak point of ensuring the security of supply chains is an approach that has its drawbacks, experts say. In its current form, supply chains have already been violated by the pandemic. Daniel Jablanski, security strategist for operational technology (OT) at Nozomi Networks, a security provider of OT and the Internet of things, told Threatpost on Monday that the incident highlights that “the only point of failure before the interruption of work will lead to a loss of production.”



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