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How to Celebrate SysAdmin Day!

System Administrator Appreciation Day, commonly known as Sysadmin Day or SysAdminDay, is an annual event founded by Ted Kekatos, a system administrator. The event exists to recognize the efforts of sysadmins and other IT professionals. It is observed on the fourth Friday of July.

If you’ve ever seen a professional plumber or plasterer or mason worker at work, or people who skillfully use these incredibly long sticks to make pancakes as thin as waffles, the size of bicycle wheels… You probably had the same thoughts as we had. I can do this. I can really do it. But then too much would be removed and the result would still go on forever/it would be horribly uneven/it would stop moving/ it would taste terrible.” (Delete if this is not valid. Roughly the same thing is happening to computers, mobile phones, and all the other digital devices that we rely on so much and that we predict will work perfectly tomorrow on the grounds that they are fine today. Except that digital devices don’t break tomorrow, right? They inevitably let you down right now, just when you need them the most. That’s how you’ll find out if they’ve let you down – when your presentation file is empty on live TV or you’re kicked out of a meeting and you can’t explain why you’re no longer there. What are you doing? Are you trying to replace your own downspout/redesign your own ceiling/rebuild your garden wall by yourself/ make pancakes by yourself/repair your own computer? (If this is not the case, delete it. No! no! You just call the system administrator and report the problem to him, carefully avoiding first-person pronouns and using only passive surety. Don’t tell: I couldn’t remember how to save the file, so I accidentally clicked on a few icons until the blue screen appeared, and then I panicked and pulled the plug. Let’s say: When using the computer, it entered an error state and was turned off. Don’t tell: in the middle of a business meeting, I decided to wipe the crumbs from the cake at the birthday party, to which you were not invited. Looking back, I realize that I used a lot of cleaning spray, because a loud clap came from under the keyboard, followed by a magic smell of smoke. Tell us: what can be done? A lot of attention has been paid to this laptop! You can see how carefully it is kept clean and tidy! Jul! Don’t say: to be honest, I lost the case padded carrying quarantined while, so when we get back to the office and accidentally I put my laptop backpack, a bike chain, padlock and two with a group of metalworking tools-in-law I want to go back to my brother. Say: They are not made as they used to be. July Friday, which means that today is Saad or Sysadmin’s Thanksgiving Day! So why not smile and do something that will help your system administrators note that you still appreciate them? Why are your computers, servers, cloud systems, your laptops, phones, and network equipment in working order, and don’t openly admit they do all the hard secrets to keep the network safe?.. Even in the face of accidentally pressing the icon / unplugging the cable / spilling the liquid / bumping into the equipment? (If this is not the case, delete it. If your mouse batteries are off or the webcam light is not on, if you cannot remember your password, or if you have lost your USB drive, your email is not displayed

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