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Reporter of Suspicious Emails and Analysis

A phishing email is an email that pretends to be from a reputable source, website, or business. It could also be a request for sensitive information such as social security numbers and credit card details. Keepnet Labs Outlook Add-in (Keepnet labs phishing reporter) provides an easy and reliable solution.

Do your employees aware of what to do when they get a suspicious email? Are they heading to the helpdesk or an IT specialist? Or do they directly delete this email?  Keepnet Labs Outlook Add-in ( Keepnet labs phishing reporter)  provides an easy and reliable solution to this situation.

1- Reporting a Suspicious Email

You will likely receive a phishing email, which is an innocuous email that pretends to be from a reputable source, website, or business. However, something about it may raise your suspicions, such as improper language, wording, or even misspelled words. It could also be a request for sensitive information such as social security numbers and credit card details. If a company’s employees receive a phishing email, it can imperil the entire operation. 

So, what should organizations do if a questionable email reaches their employees’ inboxes? Keepnet Phishing reporter is a great tool for this.

2- Solution – Keepnet Phishing Reporter

How do SOC (1) teams get successful phishing attacks out of users’ inboxes and lower cyber risk? How can you keep individuals from becoming victims of a ransomware assault sent by email?

Here’s a freebie that will allow you to quarantine dangerous emails with a single click. Users can report suspicious emails to the system administrator, SOC, or CSIRT (2) team using Keepnet Labs’ phishing reporter! Phishing emails are rapidly reported with the Keepnet Labs Phishing reporter plugin. It is important to remember that if the suspicious e-mail is not removed and reported, a possible early warning indicator will be lost.

3- What is the Keepnet Labs  Phishing Reporter Plugin?

It is a button on the menu bar of Microsoft Outlook that allows the user to report phishing attempts or suspicious emails to the appropriate people. This enables SOC teams to detect attacks early, reduce their impact, and prevent user-based attacks against malicious emails.

4- Benefits of Keepnet Labs Phishing Reporter Plugins

The direct benefit to email users;

  • With a single click, employees may report aggressive attacks.
  • Users provide early “Phishing” warnings, and a cyber “sensor” network is established.
  • The user is notified of this correct action when he/she clicks on the “Report Phishing” (3) button in a simulated Phishing security test.
  • It allows the user to send a suspicious email to analysis services and get a risk score.
  • The institution’s security culture extends.
  • Employees receive rapid feedback, which helps them become more alert.

5Benefits to the security operation center (SOC)

  • Unwanted emails can be erased from the user’s email box using information from the command center.
  • It reports suspicious email messages based on users
  • If the existing security measures are inadequate for analysis, detection, and prevention, it gives the occasion to benefit from Keepnet Labs analysis services.
  • It provides more effective security measures with integration with third-party systems (Siem, firewall, etc.)

6- Easy Reporting Option

It guarantees that notifications are transferred to various platforms and reports the potential of this happening.

  • It can convert to an automatic call to the help desk
  • It can register for a central register server
  • It may make a favorable impression on the user as a result of his or her conscious activity in the Keepnet Labs Security Awareness Platform.

7- Using The Phishing Reporter Add-in

Once you have logged in to the Keepnet Labs management interface, the Outlook Add-in menu helps you prepare custom plugins.

Make sure you have all of the Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime requirements before running the phishing reporter add-in.

8- Installation Documents for Administrators

Using the central installation tools in corporate networks, it is quite simple to apply the Keepnet Labs Phishing Reporter add-in.

Please contact the Keepnet Support Team for installation instructions and sample installation videos.

9- Sample Use phishing outlook add-in

1. When a user hits the “Phishing Reporting” button to report a suspicious email, the reporting tools inquire whether or not the user wants to delete the original email.

Please see the screenshot below.

2. The user is informed of this conscious behavior. 

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