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Get advice, tips and tricks on email-protection methodology and learn how to protect yourself against email-attacks.

  • White Paper Lifecycle of Email-Based Attacks

    When cybercriminals plan their attack on an organization they follow a series of phases that constitute an attack lifecycle. To execute a successful attack, they must advance through each stage. Blocking them at any point in this cycle destroys the chain of attack and prevents the criminals from infiltrating the organization.

  • Cybersecurity & Neuroscience Whitepaper

    From an organizational standpoint, the goal of any effective cybersecurity awareness platform is to help employees get to a point where they no longer have to actively remember what it takes to keep the company safe – instead, they develop healthy cybersecurity habits.

  • Threat Sharing Whitepaper

    With the increasing number of cyber attacks and problems around the lack of time, budget and decreasing manpower, industry professionals appear to be in an impossible position to secure
    and defend their organisations adequately.

  • MSSP Whitepaper

    The evolution of cyberspace has outpaced most of our current security solutions and rapid changes in the IT world make it difficult to ensure cybersecurity for organizations. Hence, even the biggest organizations.

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