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Free Phishing Training For Employees

Download our free phishing training courses and equip your employees with the knowledge to recognize and defend against phishing attacks. Boost your cybersecurity effortlessly with our expert resources.

Free Phishing Training For Employees

Cyber threats are becoming more common every day. This means that both individuals and organizations must stay alert. They need to understand the tactics that cybercriminals use.

This is where free phishing awareness training comes into play. We tell you how we provide free phishing awareness training and what kinds of valuable resources we offer for free.

What Is Phishing Awareness Training?

Phishing awareness training aims to teach people how to spot and stop phishing attacks. It gives them the knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves. Keepnet provides employees with free phishing awareness training for employees. This training is available at no cost, making it accessible to users from all backgrounds.

Keepnet Labs offers an effective phishing awareness training program. The library includes key compliance topics like HIPAA, ISO 27001, and SOC Type 2. At the same time, it teaches employees how to behave securely.

The program addresses a variety of subjects. It starts with the basics, like how to spot phishing emails, and moves on to more complex topics, including spear phishing and whaling. The free phishing training is structured in an easy-to-understand format. It covers "how-to" and "what-to-do" security awareness series.

What Are The Elements of Phishing Awareness Training?

Phishing awareness training has two main parts to help make an organization's security stronger.

First, we have simulated phishing attacks. These use real tactics seen in actual cyber-attacks. Employees learn to spot and deal with different phishing tricks by practicing real-life situations.

Second, there's security awareness training. This part uses a mix of methods. Right after the simulated attacks, we offer quick lessons. We also have detailed training on many cybersecurity topics. Adding games to learn about phishing and talking regularly about the risks of phishing helps change the whole security culture at work.

Together, these two parts of training teach employees a lot. They greatly boost the organization's defenses against security threats.

Download Phishing Security Awareness Training Courses

We have made free phishing training material in Scorm proxy format for your Learning Management System. Feel free to download these phishing awareness training courses and upload them to your LMS to share with your employees.

Keepnet Free Phishing Awareness Training Courses.jpg
Picture 1: Keepnet Free Phishing Awareness Training Courses

Subject: Email Phishing Awareness

  • Definition: Online phishing training on identifying and avoiding phishing attacks in emails.
  • Target Audience: All employees
  • Benefit: Reduces the risk of data breaches due to phishing.
  • Download Link: Download

Subject: Password Security

  • Definition: Free phishing training on creating and managing strong passwords.
  • Target Audience: All employees
  • Benefit: Enhances individual and organizational cybersecurity.
  • Download Link: Download

Subject: Social Engineering Defense

  • Definition: Phishing employee training on identifying and defending against social engineering.
  • Target Audience: All employees
  • Benefit: Improves the ability to spot and avoid social engineering scams.
  • Download Link: Download

Subject: Secure Browsing Practices

  • Definition: Free phishing awareness training on best practices for safe and secure internet browsing.
  • Target Audience: All employees
  • Benefit: Decreases the likelihood of encountering harmful content.
  • Download Link: Download

Subject: Mobile Device Security

  • Definition: Free phishing training for employees on security measures for protecting information on mobile devices.
  • Target Audience: Remote workers
  • Benefit: Essential for safeguarding mobile data.
  • Download Link: Download

Subject: Incident Reporting and Response

  • Definition: Phishing employee training on how to report and respond to security incidents.
  • Target Audience: IT staff, managers
  • Benefit: Ensures timely and effective response to security incidents.
  • Download Link: Download

Subject: Physical Security

  • Definition: Free phishing course on safeguarding physical assets.
  • Target Audience: All employees
  • Benefit: Enhances workplace safety and security of assets.
  • Download Link: Download

Subject: Cloud Security Essentials

  • Definition: Free phishing employee training on security practices for using cloud services safely.
  • Target Audience: Cloud service users
  • Benefit: Vital for safe cloud computing and data storage.
  • Download Link: Download

Subject: Social Media Security

  • Definition: Free Phishing course on protecting your social media from hackers with secure practices and scams
  • Target Audience: All employees
  • Benefit: Boosts your ability to keep social media accounts safe.
  • Download Link: Download

Free Phishing Training Programme Preparation

Developing a free phishing training program tailored to your organization's needs is essential for reinforcing cybersecurity awareness. Let's explore how to prepare a sector-specific phishing training program detailing crucial topics for diverse industries.

Healthcare phishing employee training

The healthcare sector faces unique phishing threats due to the high value of medical data. Phishing employee training should focus on recognizing phishing attempts that exploit the urgency and sensitivity of healthcare information. Topics could include spotting fake patient records requests and identifying fraudulent emails from 'medical suppliers'.

Financial Services phishing training

In the financial sector, phishing attacks often involve fraud and identity theft. Phishing employee training programs should cover recognizing phishing emails or calls that mimic banks, insurance companies, or financial regulators. Emphasizing the importance of verifying the authenticity of requests involving financial transactions or sensitive client information is crucial.

Retail Industry phishing course

Retailers collect vast amounts of consumer data, making them prime targets for phishing attacks. Sector-specific online phishing training should include identifying phishing attempts disguised as customer queries or complaints, securing online payment processes, and protecting customer privacy.

Educating Government Employees on Phishing Tactics

Government agencies are attractive targets for phishing campaigns to access sensitive state information. Training should focus on preventing data breaches by recognizing phishing attempts that use fake government notices or internal communications. Also, it should cover the protocols for reporting and handling suspicious emails.

Phishing Awareness for Technology and IT Sector

Given their access to valuable intellectual property and sensitive data, tech companies must prioritize phishing defense. Online phishing training should cover how to recognize phishing attempts. It should also teach safe practices for sharing and storing sensitive technical data. This knowledge is vital for protecting an organization's valuable information and maintaining the security of its technology systems.

Manufacturing Sector Online Phishing Training

Manufacturing firms should be aware of phishing attacks that could lead to industrial espionage. Training topics need to cover how to identify emails or calls. Additionally, it's important to emphasize ensuring secure communication within the supply chain. These measures are crucial for protecting intellectual property and maintaining the integrity of the manufacturing process.

Discover Keepnet Labs Free Phishing Tools

Keepnet Labs offers free phishing prevention tools designed to empower organizations in their fight against phishing attacks. These tools are designed to offer complete protection by educating users. They test their skills in identifying such threats and improving the organization's overall security posture. This approach ensures that individuals are well-prepared to effectively recognize and respond to cybersecurity challenges.

Let's explore the key components of Keepnet Labs' phishing prevention toolkit and how they can benefit your organization.

Discover Keepnet Labs Free Phishing Tools.jpg
Picture 2: Discover Keepnet Labs Free Phishing Tools

Free Phishing Simulator

Keepnet Labs’ Phishing Simulator is a cornerstone tool for testing and improving employees' ability to recognize phishing attempts. By creating realistic phishing scenarios, this simulator allows organizations to conduct safe, controlled tests across their workforce. The results from these tools and tests give crucial insights into areas that need more training.

This allows for targeted educational efforts to strengthen phishing awareness. Such focused initiatives are key to closing knowledge gaps and enhancing the overall cybersecurity resilience of individuals and organizations.

Free Security Awareness Training

Knowledge is power when it comes to phishing defense. Therefore, Keepnet offers free phishing training. The Awareness Educator provides various educational resources tailored for employee training on phishing attacks.

These resources include interactive modules, videos, and quizzes. The tool aims to keep users engaged and equip them with the necessary knowledge to identify and respond to phishing threats.

Free Voice Phishing Simulator

The Voice Phishing Simulator trains users to recognize and respond to vishing (voice phishing) attempts. Vishing attacks often involve malicious callers impersonating legitimate entities to extract personal information or financial details over the phone.

Voice phishing simulation provides a safe environment for employees to experience fake vishing calls. This helps them understand the signs of such scams and learn how to avoid falling victim in real-life situations.

Free QR Code Phishing Simulator

As QR codes become more popular for easy access to websites, payments, and sharing information, a new threat has emerged: QR code phishing.

The QR Code Phishing Simulator is a tool created to teach users about the dangers of QR codes. It presents simulated scenarios where QR codes could direct users to phishing websites. This teaches employees the importance of checking the authenticity of QR codes before scanning. The simulator is an innovative way to raise awareness and protect users from falling victim to QR code attacks.

Free MFA Phishing Simulator

As organizations adopt Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to enhance security, cybercriminals have developed phishing techniques to circumvent these protections. The MFA Phishing Simulator trains users to identify phishing attempts targeting Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) systems. This tool plays a vital role in reinforcing the security advantages MFA provides. By educating users on these sophisticated phishing techniques, the simulator enhances overall security awareness and helps protect against the evolving tactics used by cybercriminals.

Free Callback Voice Phishing Simulator

The Callback Voice Phishing Simulator focuses on specific vishing (voice phishing) attacks. Victims get a voicemail or a missed call notification that prompts them to call back a number under attackers' control.

The Callback Voice Simulator aims to assist users in recognizing the signs of callback phishing. This tool is essential for identifying potential threats. It highlights the importance of being cautious when dealing with calls from unknown numbers. This approach helps ensure users stay safe from scams.

The simulator trains users to identify the authenticity of suspicious calls. Its goal is to boost their skills in avoiding the traps set by advanced voice phishing attacks. This helps users stay one step ahead of scammers using sophisticated tactics.

Please watch our Phishing Simulator from YouTube and see how we can help you boost phishing awareness for free.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is phishing and how does it affect different sectors?

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Phishing can target any industry, but the tactics and impacts vary:

It's crucial to customize awareness and defense strategies to meet each sector's unique threats. This tailored approach ensures that protective measures are as effective as possible in guarding against specific weaknesses.

  • Financial services often face attempts to steal customer data or funds.
  • Healthcare might see attacks aiming to access patient information.
  • Retail could encounter breaches intending to capture consumer payment details.

What are some signs of a phishing attempt that are specific to my industry?

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Phishing indicators can include unexpected requests for sensitive information, emails or calls that create a sense of urgency, and messages containing unusual attachments or links. Sector-specific signs might involve fraudulent purchase orders in retail or fake patient records requests in healthcare.

How can my organization prevent sector-specific phishing attacks?

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Prevention starts with education and awareness. Train employees to recognize phishing attempts, employ robust cybersecurity measures like spam filters and antivirus software, and establish clear protocols for reporting suspicious activities. Tailoring online phishing training to address your sector's unique threats will also enhance your defenses.

What is free phishing awareness training for employees?

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Free phishing awareness training for employees is a no-cost educational program designed to equip staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and avoid phishing attacks. This type of training is crucial for enhancing an organization's cybersecurity posture by raising awareness among its workforce.

How can organizations benefit from offering phishing awareness training for free?

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Organizations can greatly benefit from offering free phishing awareness training by significantly reducing the risk of cybersecurity breaches. This training helps employees recognize phishing attempts, safeguard sensitive information, and maintain the integrity of the company's assets.

What topics are covered in a free phishing training course?

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A free phishing training course typically covers the identification of phishing emails, SMS, and website scams, understanding the tactics used by cybercriminals, the importance of secure passwords, and the steps to take when a phishing attempt is suspected.

Where can I find phishing awareness training free of charge during Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

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During Cybersecurity Awareness Month, many organizations and cybersecurity firms offer free phishing awareness training programs. Keepnet Labs also offers cybersecurity awareness month free phishing training.

Is online phishing training as effective as in-person training sessions?

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Online phishing training can be as effective as in-person training sessions, if not more so. It offers flexibility for employees to complete the training at their own pace and convenience, and it often includes interactive elements and simulations that enhance learning.

Can free phishing training for employees reduce the likelihood of a data breach?

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Free phishing training for employees can significantly reduce the likelihood of a data breach. By educating employees on how to recognize and respond to phishing attempts, organizations can minimize the risk of sensitive information being compromised.

What are the key features for employees to look for in a phishing course?

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Key features to look for in a phishing course for employees include comprehensive coverage of phishing tactics, interactive simulations, practical advice on prevention, and regular updates to reflect the latest threats.

How often should employees undergo free phishing awareness training?

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Employees should undergo free phishing awareness training at least annually. However, for optimal protection, it's recommended to have regular updates and refresher courses, especially when new phishing techniques are identified.

What is the importance of a free phishing test for employees?

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A free phishing test for employees is important for assessing the effectiveness of the phishing awareness training. It simulates phishing attacks to see how employees respond in real situations, providing valuable insights into areas needing further training.

How can phishing employee training be integrated into an organization's cybersecurity strategy?

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Phishing employee training can be integrated into an organization's overall cybersecurity strategy by making it a mandatory part of the onboarding process for new hires, including regular security updates, and reinforcing its importance through ongoing communication and engagement activities.

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