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GDPR Awareness Training

Step up your GDPR compliance with Keepnet Labs' GDPR awareness training. Expertly designed to meet the needs of today's businesses, our GDPR training for employees makes learning both effective and engaging. From the basics of GDPR to advanced compliance strategies, Keepnet Labs delivers everything your team needs to master GDPR training.

GDPR Awareness Training

Organizations must participate in GDPR awareness training to effectively manage the complexities of data protection. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets strict guidelines for the handling of personal data, and it is important for organizations worldwide to ensure compliance. This training helps avoid heavy fines and creates a culture of privacy and security within the organization.

Keepnet provides comprehensive GDPR training for employees. The training covers GDPR principles, the rights of individuals, and the obligations of data processors and controllers. Our expert-led GDPR awareness training equips your team with the knowledge to handle personal data responsibly and maintain your company's integrity.

Introduction to GDPR Awareness Training

The GDPR sets a new standard for privacy laws, affecting organizations worldwide. Understanding the complexities of GDPR is important for businesses committed to upholding the highest data protection standards. GDPR awareness training is significant for ensuring compliance and protecting customer data within your organization. It is the foundation for creating a security culture and maintaining data protection throughout your company.

The Impact of GDPR on Businesses

The introduction of GDPR has significantly changed the way companies handle personal data. Businesses must now comply with strict guidelines on the collection, use, and storage of personal data.

  • Firstly, a positive change is seen in data management. A 73% of businesses say GDPR has improved their handling of customer information, which is good news for customers and businesses alike.
  • However, not all effects are positive. About 37% of companies report that the costs linked to following GDPR rules have slowed down their growth. It seems that meeting GDPR's standards can be costly, and for some, it hampers expansion.
  • Lastly, more than half of the businesses, at 62%, have stepped up their game in cybersecurity. GDPR has pushed them to invest more in securing data. This means businesses are taking serious steps to protect information from cyber threats.

The picture below shows varied impacts on businesses:

Part 1- Impact of GDPR on Business .jpeg
Picture 1: Part 1- Impact of GDPR on Business
  • Moreover, 58% of businesses have found a silver lining, stating GDPR has sparked innovation. They're finding new, creative ways to use data within the legal boundaries.
  • Operational efficiency is another unexpected benefit, with 31% of businesses reporting more streamlined operations due to GDPR compliance. This suggests that the regulation can lead to better organizational practices.
  • 28% of companies have encountered difficulties when working with partners outside Europe. They find that GDPR makes it harder to do business internationally.
Part 2- Impact of GDPR on Business .jpeg
Picture 2: Part 2- Impact of GDPR on Business

Each statistic adds depth to our understanding of GDPR. From boosting innovation and operational efficiency to presenting international challenges, GDPR's impact is complex. It's shaping businesses, urging them to evolve and adapt in the global data landscape.

Failure to comply can result in significant fines, damaging a company's reputation and financial position. But it's clear that understanding and implementing GDPR practices isn't just a legal requirement, it's a necessity for maintaining trust and integrity in the business world.

To get a clearer picture, take a look at the following real-life incidents that highlight the impact of GDPR on businesses:

CompanyFine for GDPR ViolationReason for GDPR FineReference
British Airways£183 millionFor a data breach compromising the personal information of about 500,000 customers.BBC News
Marriott International£99 millionFollowing a cyberattack that exposed the data of 339 million guests.Guardian
Google€50 millionDue to failure to provide clear, accessible information on its data consent policies.CNBC
H&M Hennes &c Mauritz Online Shop€35.3 millionFor illegal surveillance of several hundred employees' personal lives.Reuters
TIM (Telecom Italia)€27.8 millionFor unsolicited marketing communications and improper management of consent.EDPB
Amazon Europe Core€746 millionFor non-compliance with GDPR's data processing principles.CNBC

What is GDPR Awareness Training and Its Importance

GDPR awareness training educates employees about the principles of GDPR, ensuring they understand how to handle personal data responsibly. It's not just about avoiding penalties; it's about creating a security culture and maintaining privacy within the organization.

By educating employees, businesses can minimize the risk of data breaches and ensure that their operations are fully compliant with GDPR regulations.

What are the three main goals of the GDPR Training?

The screenshots show the three main goals of GDPR training. .jpeg
Picture 3: The screenshots show the three main goals of GDPR training.

The three main goals of GDPR training aim to prepare organizations and their employees to handle personal data responsibly and in compliance with the law. These goals are:

  1. Awareness: The training helps individuals understand the importance of data protection and the fundamental principles of GDPR. It ensures everyone knows their responsibilities in protecting personal data.
  2. Compliance: It provides guidance on how to comply with GDPR regulations. This includes understanding the rules for data processing and applying them correctly in their roles.
  3. Prevention: The training is designed to prevent data breaches by teaching best practices in data security. It helps individuals recognize potential risks and how to manage them effectively to protect personal information.

What's Included in Keepnet's GDPR Awareness Training

  What’s included in Keepnet’s GDPR awareness training program? .jpeg
Picture 4: What’s included in Keepnet’s GDPR awareness training program?

Keepnet Labs offers comprehensive GDPR training for employees, covering all the essential aspects of GDPR. The training includes understanding the basic principles of GDPR, recognizing what personal data is, the rights of individuals under GDPR, and the obligations of data processors and controllers. Interactive sessions, real-life scenarios, and quizzes ensure that employees not just learn but also apply their knowledge effectively.

See how Keepnet's GDPR awareness training can help participants understand the importance of GDPR:

Introduction to GDPR: The Basics

This GDPR training explains what GDPR is and why it's important. It features a story about a major corporation that faced severe fines for not following the rules, highlighting the importance of compliance.

Understanding Personal Data Under GDPR

This training helps explore what qualifies as personal data, including names, email addresses, and IP addresses, illustrating how everyday information falls under GDPR’s wide net.

Principles of Data Processing

This awareness training focuses on complying with legal standards, handling personal data responsibly and operating transparently. It includes a case study that demonstrates how one organization has earned the trust of its customers by following these GDPR principles.

Rights of the Individual

The rights of the individual awareness training highlights key rights people have, such as accessing their data and the right to be forgotten. The training includes a clear example of someone asking to have their data deleted.

Data Breaches and GDPR

This security training explains what data breaches are and why it's important to report them quickly. It also goes over a real example of a data breach and how it was handled correctly according to GDPR rules.

GDPR for Marketing

GDPR for marketing training covers how to get consent in digital marketing and shows an example of a successful campaign that followed GDPR rules. The training provides a standard for marketing practices.

International Data Transfers

This GDPR awareness training explains the rules for sending data outside the EU. It includes a real-life example of a company that successfully handled international data transfers using standard agreements.

Implementing GDPR Compliance

This GDPR compliance training provides a clear, step-by-step guide to meet GDPR requirements. It includes interactive features to help create a detailed checklist for compliance.

Avoiding Common GDPR Pitfalls

This training explains the common GDPR mistakes and misconceptions. It includes a case study about how misunderstanding consent rules led to fines.

Advanced Topics in GDPR

This GDPR training for employees explains how GDPR affects new technologies like AI and blockchain. It includes a discussion on how to keep innovating while also protecting privacy.

Building a GDPR-Compliant Culture

This awareness training emphasizes the importance of continuous training in creating a culture that prioritizes privacy and data protection.

Promoting GDPR Awareness Training with Humor

Learning about GDPR doesn't have to be boring or scary. Keepnet believes in making learning enjoyable and memorable. We incorporate humor and engaging content into our GDPR awareness training, making complex regulations more accessible and understandable.

Our unique approach encourages more employees to take security training seriously, ensuring better compliance and data protection practices within the company.

Keepnet’s Key Components of GDPR Awareness Training

At Keepnet, we've carefully designed our GDPR awareness training for employees to build a rich, user-centric learning environment that ensures engagement, comprehensive knowledge and practical application of GDPR principles in any organization.

Here's how we transform GDPR training:

A Trusted, Multi-faceted Security Awareness Platform for All

Keepnet’s security awareness training tool, including GDPR training content..png
Picture 5: Keepnet’s security awareness training tool, including GDPR training content.
  • Our platform is trusted by over 2 million users, making it a solid foundation for building a robust security culture within your organization.
  • We offer access to the largest security libraries globally, featuring content from over 10 of the top 15 providers, ensuring a well-rounded and diverse learning experience.
  • Our training materials are SCORM-compliant, allowing seamless integration with your existing security awareness training platform, and enhancing your training capabilities without limitation.
  • Personalized certificates and gamification features like leaderboards are part of our approach to recognizing and motivating your team's learning achievements.
  • Engaging storytelling techniques are employed to make each session memorable, ensuring key GDPR principles are understood and retained.

Seamless Awareness Training Delivery & Insightful Reporting

Keepnet’s Advanced Report feature allows you to create comprehensive reports of security awareness training..png
Picture 6: Keepnet’s Advanced Report feature allows you to create comprehensive reports of security awareness training.

Training can be directly delivered via SMS, making cybersecurity education accessible even on mobile devices. This is perfect for employees in sectors with limited internet access.

  • Our platform generates advanced, automated reports and supports custom reporting to track and analyze your team's progress effectively.
  • With automatic assignment features, we ensure the right training reaches the right employee at the perfect time.
  • Simulated phishing tests across various social engineering attacks access and reinforce the cybersecurity awareness of your team, making your training regime comprehensive and robust.

Specialized Security Awareness Training for Every Need

Keepnet’s training library that includes all aspects of GDPR training.png
Picture 7: Keepnet’s training library that includes all aspects of GDPR training
  • We enrich the learning experience with additional materials like posters, infographics, and screensavers, utilizing behavioral science to reinforce cybersecurity practices.
  • Our curriculum covers essential regulations, including but not limited to HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI, providing regulatory training tailored to your needs.
  • Attack vector and role-based training sessions are designed to keep your team updated on the latest threats and best practices relevant to their specific organizational roles.
  • Custom content creation capabilities allow for creating unique training materials that resonate with your organization's culture and specific requirements.
  • Our innovative approach includes behavior-based training automation, targeting specific learning paths based on the observed behaviors of your employees, ensuring a personalized learning journey.

Use Keepnet’s Learning Path for Complete GDPR Training

Keepnet’s learning path is a set of courses, materials, and content that guides learners through a subject or skill set. It is designed to help learners progress from beginner to advanced levels.

Our GDPR courses are part of all employees' learning paths. They are easy to use and help everyone understand GDPR.

A screenshot of Keepnet’s Learning Path that includes complete GDPR courses..png
Picture 8: A screenshot of Keepnet’s Learning Path that includes complete GDPR courses.

Functionality & Flexibility

Our learning path is flexible, allowing employees to take the GDPR courses at their own pace. Whether you're just starting to understand GDPR basics or delving into more complex topics, you can tailor your learning experience.

Behavioral Focus

The learning path teaches employees how to behave and do their jobs well. It also teaches them to avoid risky behaviour, such as mishandling sensitive information.

Real-World Application

The course material is designed to help you understand legal requirements in practice. It uses real-life scenarios and case studies to make the learning relevant to your work.

Comprehensive Coverage

The learning path covers the GDPR and other company compliance issues. It shows how GDPR principles fit with other privacy and security measures.

Continuous Learning

The learning path is updated regularly to reflect the latest in data protection. It ensures that your knowledge stays active.

Through these features, Keepnet transforms GDPR Awareness Training into an engaging, impactful, and significant part of your organization's continuous effort to uphold data protection standards and create a culture of cybersecurity awareness.

Watch the video below to learn everything you need to know about GDPR.

Also, watch our security awareness training product and see how to enroll your employees in specific courses and get detailed reports.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to undergo GDPR Awareness Training?

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Every employee who handles personal data within an organization should undergo GDPR awareness training. This is important for ensuring that all team members are aware of their responsibilities under GDPR and can contribute to the company's compliance efforts.

Can GDPR Awareness Training be done online?

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Yes, GDPR awareness training can be completed online, making it a convenient choice for companies big and small. Keepnet Labs offers online courses that employees can do in their own time, making sure everyone gets the training they need on GDPR, no matter where they are.

What are the 7 principles of GDPR?

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is built around seven key principles:

  1. Lawfulness, Fairness, and Transparency: Processing of personal data should be legal, fair, and transparent to the data subject.
  2. Purpose Limitation: Data should be collected for specified, explicit, and legitimate purposes and not further processed in a manner that is incompatible with those purposes.
  3. Data Minimization: Only the data necessary for the purposes of processing should be collected and processed.
  4. Accuracy: Personal data must be accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date.
  5. Storage Limitation: Personal data should be kept in a form that permits the identification of data subjects for no longer than necessary for the purposes for which the personal data are processed.
  6. Integrity and Confidentiality (Security): Personal data must be processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction, or damage.
  7. Accountability: The data controller is responsible for demonstrating compliance with the other principles and must have appropriate measures and records in place.

Who needs GDPR training?

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GDPR training is necessary for any employee or manager who handles personal data within an organization that operates within the EU or deals with the personal data of EU residents.

This includes:

Anyone in the organization who might collect, process, or have access to personal data should be trained to ensure compliance with GDPR standards.

  • HR personnel
  • IT staff
  • Marketing teams
  • Customer support agents
  • Data analysts
  • Senior management

How long is GDPR training?

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The duration of GDPR training can vary depending on the role of the participants and the complexity of the data protection needs of the organization. Generally, a basic GDPR training session might last from a few hours to a full day. More comprehensive training programs for roles that involve substantial data processing responsibilities could last several days. Ongoing training and updates are also recommended to keep up with changes in regulations and best practices.

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