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Keepnet Lab’s Data Breaches Protection Success Stories

Discover Keepnet Labs data breaches solutions to prevent data leaks that can happen to your organization. Boost security awareness and protect your organization against data breaches.

Keepnet Lab’s Data Breaches Protection Success Stories

Data breaches are a significant concern for organizations across all sectors. Protecting sensitive data from cyber threats has become a critical priority. Keepnet Labs data breaches protection products have a proven track record of helping organizations secure their data and prevent data breaches.

This blog post highlights the growing need for effective data breach protection, explores Keepnet Labs’ approach, and shares real success stories that demonstrate the effectiveness of their solutions.

The Growing Need for Effective Data Breach Protection

According to a recent report by IBM, the average cost of a data breach in 2023 was $4.45 million, a 15% increase over the past three years. The financial, reputational, and operational impacts of data breaches are substantial.

Organizations face not only direct costs such as fines and remediation expenses but also long-term consequences like loss of customer trust and business opportunities. To combat this, Keepnet Labs data breaches protection measures are designed to mitigate these risks effectively.

Understanding Keepnet Labs Approaches to Data Breaches

Best Practices to Prevent Data Breaches .jpg
Picture 1: Best Practices to Prevent Data Breaches

Keepnet Labs employs comprehensive and multifaceted data leak solutions to combat data breaches, integrating advanced technology with human-centric strategies to ensure robust protection against cyber threats. Their approach encompasses several key elements:

Proactive Measures

Keepnet labs data leak products focus on proactive measures to identify and mitigate risks before they can be exploited. This includes:

  • Breach and Attack Simulations: Regularly scanning for vulnerabilities and potential threats within an organization's email security infrastructure and secure gateway solutions (SEGs).
  • Phishing Simulations: Utilizing tools like the Phishing Incident Responder and various phishing simulators (email, SMS, voice, and QR code phishing) to train employees and enhance their ability to recognize and report phishing attempts​.
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training: Providing comprehensive training programs that improve employees' ability to identify and prevent threats, encourage behavioral change, utilize interactive learning methods, and offer continuous improvement opportunities to maintain a high level of security awareness to minimize data breaches.

Reactive Measures

In the event of a breach, Keepnet Labs has robust reactive measures in place:

  • Incident Response: The Incident Responder tool automates the analysis and response to phishing threats, significantly reducing response times. This tool integrates with over 20 analysis engines and SOAR solutions like Palo Alto XSOAR and IBM Resilience, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of email incident response​.
  • Automated Rules and Investigation: Allows for the rapid identification and removal of suspicious emails, with the capability to handle the inboxes of thousands of employees in minutes​.

Customization and Human-Centric Approach

Keepnet Labs data leak solutions are designed to be customizable and scalable to fit the unique needs of different organizations, regardless of size or industry.

Keepnet’s Human Risk Management Platform consolidates multiple security tools and training modules, making it easier for organizations to manage human risk comprehensively. It includes features for phishing simulations, training content, and advanced reporting to create a holistic view of an organization's security posture​.

Also, recognizing that human error is a leading cause of data breaches, Keepnet Labs emphasizes the importance of security awareness and behavior change:

  • Security and Culture Programs: Keepnet Labs offers comprehensive security awareness training programs that are designed to educate employees on recognizing and responding to cyber threats. These programs are proven to reduce phishing risk by up to 90% by fostering a security-conscious culture within organizations​.
  • Behavioral Training Tools: Tools like the Awareness Educator provide ongoing education through a variety of media, including emails, videos, and interactive content, to continuously reinforce good security practices​.
  • Nudges: Automated notifications that provide subtle reminders and prompts to encourage secure behavior among employees, such as tips on identifying phishing emails or alerts about potential security threats.
  • Automated Security Awareness Training Program: Keepnet Security Awareness Training program continuously updates its training contents and delivers relevant training content to employees, tailoring training sessions based on individual risk profiles and ensuring timely and adaptive training.
  • Human Risk Score: A comprehensive metric that quantifies the risk posed by human factors within an organization, calculated based on performance in phishing simulations, compliance with security policies, and participation in training programs, allowing for targeted interventions and improvements in security posture.

Also, watch the video below to learn about data breaches and how to protect your organizations from data leaks in 10 ways.

Keepnet Labs Data Breaches Protection Success Stories

Keepnet Labs Data Breaches Protection Success Stories .jpg
Picture 2: Keepnet Labs Data Breaches Protection Success Stories

Case Study 1: Telecommunications Sector

Challenge: A major telecommunications provider with 22,000 employees faced significant threats from callback phishing, risking data breaches and financial losses.

Solution: Keepnet Labs implemented a Callback Phishing Simulator to train employees on recognizing and responding to these attacks.

Results: The company achieved a 93% improvement in recognizing callback phishing attacks, reduced vishing risk scores from 79% to 7%, and saved $17,900 annually in incident handling costs.

Case Study 2: Retail Sector

Challenge: A leading US-based retailer with over 6,000 stores and 27,000 employees faced threats from QR code phishing, endangering customer data and operational security.

Solution: Keepnet Labs introduced the Quishing Simulator, offering realistic training scenarios to improve employees' ability to identify and report QR phishing attempts.

Results: The retailer improved QR phishing recognition by 91%, increased training success from 57% to 94%, saved $89,500 annually in incident handling costs, and prevented potential losses of $1,897,560 annually.

Case Study 3: Financial Sector

Challenge: A global payment company with 3,200 employees faced sophisticated phishing scams that evaded existing security measures.

Solution: Keepnet Labs deployed the Email Threat Simulator to test and improve their Secure Gateway Solutions (SEGs).

Results: The company improved its malicious email blocking efficiency from 35% to 97%, reducing potential financial losses by $4,408,200 per year and significantly enhancing their overall email security posture.

These success stories highlight Keepnet Labs' effectiveness in delivering scalable solutions across various sectors, helping organizations enhance their cybersecurity posture and protect against data breaches.

For more detailed insights, you can explore the full case studies from Keepnet’s Case Studies page.

The Role of Education and Training in Preventing Data Breaches

Human error remains one of the leading causes of data breaches, with 95% of cyber incidents involving human aspects that lead to data breaches and ransomware, according to The Global Risks Report 2023. Recognizing this, Keepnet Labs offers comprehensive security awareness training programs designed to educate employees on identifying and responding to cyber threats.

It’s important to educate and train employees to prevent data breaches. .jpg
Picture 3: It’s important to educate and train employees to prevent data breaches.

These training programs significantly enhance an organization's security culture by focusing on:

Identifying Phishing Attacks: Through simulated phishing exercises, employees learn to recognize phishing attempts and report them effectively, reducing the risk of successful attacks.

Understanding Cyber Threats: Training modules cover various types of cyber threats, from malware to social engineering, ensuring that employees are well-versed in the tactics used by cybercriminals.

Responding to Incidents: Employees are trained on the appropriate steps to take when they encounter a potential threat, ensuring a swift and effective response that minimizes damage.

By building a security-conscious culture, Keepnet Labs training programs help reduce the likelihood of breaches caused by human error. These programs are part of Keepnet Labs' broader strategy to integrate the human element into cybersecurity defenses, thus providing a holistic approach to preventing data breaches.

Advanced Technologies at Keepnet Labs Against Data Breaches

Keepnet Labs employs a range of advanced technologies to protect organizations from data breaches, leveraging both proactive and reactive measures to ensure comprehensive security.

Phishing Simulation Tools

Security Awareness Training

Awareness Educator: Offers 2000+ training modules in 30+ languages, using micro-videos and gamification to enhance learning. Behavior-based training adapts to user actions, leading to a 92% increase in risk identification and saving up to $2.2 million annually.

Phishing Incident Response

  • Incident Responder: This tool automates email threat response, identifying and removing malicious emails 48.6 times faster than traditional methods. It reduces detection and response time from 9 hours to minutes. The tool integrates with over 20 analysis engines and SOAR solutions like Palo Alto XSOAR and IBM Resilience. It also features automated rules, seamless mail integration, and the Phishing Reporter add-in for employees to report phishing emails with one click.
  • Threat Sharing: It allows organizations to join peer-to-peer communities with over 1 million active threat hunters. It enables the sharing of threat intelligence, including new email attacks, vulnerabilities, and threat actors, within trusted communities. The platform automates threat analysis, sharing, and actioning, reducing incident response times and preventing advanced threats 50% more efficiently, potentially saving up to $2.3 million annually​.
  • Threat Intelligence: This product helps organizations assess their exposure to data breaches and take immediate action. It monitors for leaked email accounts and passwords associated with company domains, providing real-time updates from various leak-scanning sources. Identifying compromised data early helps prevent security incidents and saves an average of $1.2 million related to data breach costs.
  • Email Threat Simulator: This tool tests and improves Secure Gateway Solutions (SEGs) by simulating real-world email threats. It enhances email security and increases blocking efficiency from 35% to 97%. It provides continuous feedback and monitoring, making it an essential part of a robust email security strategy.

Take the Next Step Towards Cybersecurity Excellence

Protecting your organization's sensitive data is more critical than ever. Keepnet Labs provides comprehensive solutions against data breaches, ensuring your organization maintains trust and operational continuity.

By leveraging Keepnet Labs' innovative tools and strategies, you can significantly reduce the risk of data breaches and bolster customer trust. Explore Keepnet Human Risk Management Platform with advanced products, including cutting-edge security awareness training programs, to strengthen your security posture.

Watch our YouTube video below to learn how Keepnet Labs data breaches protection services can help you reduce cyber risks and protect your organization.



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